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LatinaLista — It’s estimated that 47 percent of today’s Latino population is foreign-born. It’s a statistic that isn’t all that surprising, though it’s important to note that the US Census attributes current growth in the Latino population from births, rather than immigration. Yet, immigrants have historically been heralded as the trailblazers of their communities. Their

TX GOPer Lamar Smith puts one big boot in his mouth when he talks about Latinos

LatinaLista — It’s been a few days since the Obama administration’s announcement that each of the 300,000 pending deportation cases would be reviewed and decided on a case-by-case basis. Texas Rep. Lamar Smith Overall, reaction from the Latino community has been positive. Sure, there were some who wanted more but most everyone agrees this is

Latest immigration enforcement measures have many Latinos wondering if Pres. Obama is crying wolf on being an ally

LatinaLista — An interesting headline caught my attention today: Obama to Latinos: Press GOP on immigration. It’s a plea the Obama administration has been making all along to the Latino community since the DREAM Act failed to pass last year. According to the article, Obama told a group of Spanish-language newspaper journalists gathered at the

Latest immigration decree from Obama admin shows Latino voters cheated out of change

LatinaLista — State lawmakers across the nation, led by conservatives, have prioritized passing punitive legislation targeting undocumented immigrants to the detriment of the nation’s economic health. In the report, “2011 Immigration-Related Laws and Resolutions in the States” published by the National Conference of State Legislatures, “state legislatures enacted 151 laws and adopted 95 resolutions for