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UT law prof blames Latino and black students’ poor academics on being raised with poor single mothers

LatinaLista — By now, it’s been accepted in most circles that the United States still suffers from overt and systemic racism. A brief review of President Obama’s first term clearly underscores how some people still feel a person’s skin color gives license to be disrespectful (Rep. Joe Wilson screams “You lie” to Obama during address

On this Human Rights Day, it’s fitting to remember a Latino activist who made fighting for human rights his life

LatinaLista — An international observance like Human Rights Day is usually celebrated either by remembering why such an observance was created in the first place or how much more needs to be done by citing all the examples of how people’s rights are still being violated. Yet, hardly do we remember the men and women

On this World AIDS Day, Obamacare could prove the lifeline necessary for many infected Latinas

LatinaLista — There was a time when AIDS was considered an automatic death threat. With no viable treatment that ensured its victims a good quality of life as they battled the disease that slowly robbed them of their physical strength, their emotional courage and their hope for a cure, the mention of AIDS always shot


Until GOP leadership advocates for party change, there’s little hope of it happening

LatinaLista — There’s no better prescription for the Republican leadership going forward than to take to heart the old saying: “real change comes only from within and not without.” There are encouraging signs already that some in the GOP party want to put this phrase into practice, but there’s only one problem — it’s not

In the aftermath of the presidential election, it’s time for Latinos to start reclaiming their image

LatinaLista — Now that Latinos have gained credibility in the eyes of mainstream media and Main Street USA by making the difference in Obama’s re-election, Latinos need to start the real work of reclaiming the Latino image. In the aftermath of the election when Sunday morning network roundtable discussions were busy dissecting, analyzing and commenting

Por fin, Latinos have finally put the Sleeping Giant to bed

LatinaLista — It’s finally time to put the Sleeping Giant myth to bed. Though not all eligible Latino voters turned out to vote — 11.2 million, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis — it was still enough to give President Obama the winning edge and marked, for the first time, a legitimate claim to being