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Hurricane’s aftermath underscores that human suffering, from nature or manmade, should not be made a political scapegoat

LatinaLista — Regular readers of Latina Lista know that I always write about politics and the impact of policies on the Latino community. I do that — not because I’m so compulsive obsessive that I feel I need to write about these issues but because I feel I have to. Ever since the election campaign

The GOP’s own contradiction is what alienates Latinos from thinking its their party

LatinaLista — Politico posted a piece entitled Biden: We’re ‘breaking our neck’ on immigration reform. The piece isn’t all that interesting. It really just quotes Biden as reiterating why Latinos should vote for the Obama-Biden ticket — that an Obama-Biden win would send a clear message to the GOP that Democrats have Latino support and

Early voting trends showing Latino voters won’t disappoint at the polls

LatinaLista — The warnings have been non-stop — Latinos won’t turn out to vote or Latinos won’t turn out in any greater number than 2008. Forget that voter registration rates are up among Latinos in four states that report by ethnicity, according to Pew Hispanic. There is not yet any nationwide data on Latino voter

Texas wants to keep the world out when conducting its elections Nov. 6

LatinaLista — Just how divided has this election become? Well, it’s become so divisive that one “Red” state has decided to challenge the international community over it. Earlier this week, it was made known that more than 40 parliamentarians from Europe and Central Asia, representatives of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE),

Final debate underscores misstep of Commission on Presidential Debates to not include moderators of color

Latina Lista — In the aftermath of last night’s final presidential debate, President Obama is saying that the election now comes down to a matter of trust. Yet, it was very clear that when it comes to the chosen moderators for these debates, it came down to matters of gender, age and ethnicity in how