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Final debate underscores misstep of Commission on Presidential Debates to not include moderators of color

Latina Lista — In the aftermath of last night’s final presidential debate, President Obama is saying that the election now comes down to a matter of trust. Yet, it was very clear that when it comes to the chosen moderators for these debates, it came down to matters of gender, age and ethnicity in how

Foreign policy debate won’t be complete without a weigh-in of Mexican cartel presence in US

LatinaLista — Tonight’s debate is supposed to be focused on foreign policy. Rumors are swirling that the conversation will be more about the economy than global allies and enemies. Yet, there is one important foreign policy issue that has yet to be discussed by either candidate and it’s one that may impact the security of

3 reasons why Romney’s opposition to undocumented immigrants threatens the future of the country

LatinaLista — With only a couple of weeks till the election, last night’s presidential debate was the clearest opportunity American voters have gotten so far to understand the candidates’ stands on the issues. Though day-after-factcheckers are noting that both men didn’t get their facts entirely correct, there was no mistaking that Romney is not a

Another city takes immigration reform into its own hands — riling conservatives in the process

LatinaLista — Whenever states or cities decide to take immigration policing into their own hands, conservatives applaud the move. In fact, a favorite line has become that since Washington won’t do it the state and local communities have to take up the slack and do it themselves. Of course, conservatives are rooting for those measures

Poll showing Latino voter enthusiasm ebbing down highlights need for a new approach to phrasing the message on voting

LatinaLista — Today’s new poll by Latino Decisions and ImpreMedia show a Latino electorate losing some of its enthusiasm for the November election. Two weeks ago, 93% of voters described themselves as “very enthusiastic” or “somewhat enthusiastic” about this election, but that number dropped to 81% in this week’s poll. With little change in the

The bravery of one New Mexico mayor highlights ongoing voter suppression against Latinos

LatinaLista — Charles Starkovich made national headlines this week when he just couldn’t take the rampant discrimination against Latinos in his small town of Raton, New Mexico. It’s not that anyone was blatantly mistreating Latinos in public in this town of less than 7,000 but they were doing something equally egregious, according to Starkovich —