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Just how much influence does Michelle Obama wield over Latina voters?

LatinaLista — A new survey released today finding the vast majority of Latinas leaning towards Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election wasn’t a big shocker. Headline after headline has been pointing out how Obama still leads among Latino voters. To say there is a comfort level that Obama will fight on behalf of Latino

Study confirms ObamaCare policy of free contraceptives could have stunning positive impact for low-income Latinas and women

LatinaLista — After Wednesday’s night presidential debate, the nation no longer needs to guess what programs a President Romney would cut — Big Bird, a.k.a. PBS and — ‘Obamacare.’ However, a new medical study has found that one of the tenets of the Affordable Care Act — the official name of Obama’s health program —

Romney’s olive branch to Latinos proves to be a zinger of a backfire

LatinaLista — It’s said that in preparation for his debate tomorrow night with President Obama, Mitt Romney has been working on delivering zingers. Those one-liners that pack a punch and people remember for decades to come. It seems that the Romney camp wants to get some early traction with those zingers. Today, Romney announced that

New chapter of the undocumented immigrant dilemma should give all Americans pause

LatinaLista — In the past, it’s always been very easy for critics of undocumented migrants to vilify them as usurping their place in the imaginary visa line. It’s easy to target able-bodied adults, who want nothing more than an opportunity to work, and cast them as a threat to the economic well-being of the average

Retired poultry inspector blames Alabama’s immigration law on safety of state’s chicken supply

LatinaLista — The news making headlines this week was the impending bacon shortage. Come to find out, it wasn’t exactly the bacon shortage Americans have to worry about. A British trade organization called The National Pig Association of the United Kingdom sounded the alert over “canadian” bacon shortage due to the rising cost of corn,

25th Anniversary of Hispanic Heritage Month marks how little respect Latinos have really achieved

LatinaLista — This year’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month marks 25 years since the federal government officially recognized that Latinos were a segment of the population that deserved positive attention and respect for our contributions, our hard work and our history as US citizens. Yet, on this silver anniversary, it’s made clear that Latinos have