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Policymakers think low-income Latino families have gone from the digital divide to creating “time-wasting” gap

LatinaLista — A New York Times article points out that in the rush to bridge the digital divide — giving low-income families access to computers and other high-tech tools to access online resources — it has created an unintended consequence, the “time-wasting gap.” As access to devices has spread, children in poorer families are spending considerably

If Sen. Rubio wants to understand US detention policies, he should forget Guantanamo and go to southwest border

LatinaLista — Though Marco Rubio’s parents fled Cuba, Rubio had never been to the island. Technically, he still hasn’t though he did visit Guantanamo Bay today. Rubio was visiting the military installation as a member of both the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees. While it seems like odd timing for an individual widely assumed

Texas’ GOP Dewhurst attempts to discredit Latino opponent by dragging undocumented immigrants into the fight

LatinaLista: Texas is home to half a million Latino residents — 9,460,921, according to the U.S. Census. In a state where Latino students comprise the majority in the public schools, more small businesses are started by Latinos and Latinas and more and more Latinos are running for public office and going to college, it doesn’t make

More than ever it makes sense for political campaigns to be bilingual

LatinaLista — An article syndicated today in newspapers across the country asked a question that was bound to be asked sooner or later in this election season — Should political campaigns reach Hispanics in English or Spanish? Hand-in-hand with that question is if it’s necessary for political candidates to be interviewed by Spanish-language media. The answer

Romney’s education message to Latino voters still needs work

LatinaLista — Mitt Romney is doing his best these days to keep up with President Obama in reaching out to Latino voters. Obviously, someone on his campaign realized that Latino voters can be a deciding factor in who wins the election in November. It was announced today that Romney accepted an invitation by the National Association

Mississippi riot at immigrant correctional facility underscores more broken than just nation’s immigration policy

LatinaLista — Outside of Mississippi, Sunday’s prison riot at the Adams County Correctional Facility in Natchez has hardly been noticed in the media. Yet, in this election season, it deserves more attention because it deals with one of the defining political issues of the presidential campaign — immigration. On Sunday, a fire and riot broke out