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In suspicious move, union ICE boss appears with GOP senators to denounce DREAMer policy

LatinaLista — Once upon a time being Commander-in-Chief meant that though people who worked in the various federal agencies disagreed with the man in the Oval Office, they may have griped among themselves but didn’t go public and certainly never held a joint press conference with the opposing political party. Yet, for some reason, those

Harvard study shows states that expand Medicaid literally save the lives of their residents

LatinaLista — The recent stand some Republican governors have taken against expanding Medicaid coverage in their states to cover more of their low-income residents has been faulted, so far, for being heartless. Now, a new study by Harvard researchers finds the position to be lethal. The argument against expanding Medicaid has been that it costs too

Even if Latino plaintiffs lose in Arpaio case, they may still come out winners

LatinaLista — It’s day 2 of the trial against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio accused of using his position and his department in racially profiling Latino Arizona residents. It was reported that today’s testimony by two Latinos, who were impacted by Arpaio’s practice of conducting immigration sweeps and round-ups at certain points in the city,

More Latinos among 6 million now not covered by changes to Affordable Care Act

LatinaLista — The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has reworked the numbers of how much the Affordable Care Act (referred insultingly among critics as Obamacare) is going to cost U.S. taxpayers. The good news: it will cost $84 billion less than previously expected, because of the recent Supreme Court decision that said states don’t have to

Gun advocate ‘up in arms’ over federal government’s discriminatory application question about Latinos

LatinaLista — Ever since the senseless murder spree at the Colorado theater last week, condemnation of the killer has been universal. Calls for stricter gun control have even surfaced though not with the same intensity of emotional outrage. However, study after study in the last couple of years, has shown that when it comes to

Where is the outrage from Latino congressional leaders over Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s outrageous accusations about Muslim-Americans?

LatinaLista — Before the nation was shocked by the atrocity of the killings and shooting rampage at an Aurora, Colorado theater last night, some in the country were shocked and outraged over accusations made by former presidential candidate Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann against an aide of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Bachmann and four of her