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Immigration, not the economy, is tearing the Latino community apart

LatinaLista — Ever since the Obama administration’s surprise announcement last week about deferring the deportation of undocumented youth, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, has let others in his party do the talking for him. Unfortunately, the range of the rhetoric — from a threatened lawsuit by Iowa’s Republican Rep. Steve King to Marco Rubio’s

Is immigration reform the issue to rip the GOP apart?

LatinaLista — The cracks in the unified front the Republican party has striven to project when denouncing immigration reform has been deepening over time. From Jeb Bush cautioning his colleagues to tone down their anti-immigrant rhetoric to more and more Latino Republicans openly challenging their leadership’s official stance on the issue to Marco Rubio’s surprise

Why the GOP is really mad at Obama for helping Latino students

LatinaLista — As I reported last week, the criticisms thrown Obama’s way by GOP politicians over the new deferred deportation policy for undocumented students were swift, furious and numerous. On Sunday, GOP reps twisted and turned in their seats on the Sunday morning talk shows criticizing Obama for not working with Congress to do something

Boston study shows low-income Latinos will take care of their health if given affordable options

LatinaLista — Whenever citing areas where Latinos lack “responsibility,” healthcare is always mentioned. Whether it’s women not getting mammograms, men not going for check-ups, diabetics not following through with treatment, families not eating nutritiously and on and on, Latinos are faulted with not taking care of their health. Yet a new study coming out of

Latino high school valedictorian delivers speech in Spanish —and it’s no big deal

LatinaLista — The two quickest ways to set off a firestorm among anti-immigrant critics is to do one of two things: talk about amnesty or speak Spanish at a public event. It was the latter that has one California high school valedictorian facing a barrage of criticism and forcing a school district to finally come to

New data shows the power of the Latino vote is no bluff

LatinaLista — New data from the Center for American Progress (CAP) shows that the potential to create a highly influential Latino electorate isn’t a bluff. In states across the country are untapped, unregistered Latinos who are qualified to vote. If they all registered in their respective states the voting power they could bring to the