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Rep. Luis Gutierrez plays “pick the immigrant” with congressional colleagues

LatinaLista — Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez quizzes his colleagues to figure out who is an immigrant among some famous faces he showcases during his morning remarks on the House floor on June 27, 2012. This week the U.S. Supreme Court declared the immigration policy of the state of Arizona, a policy that Mitt Romney has

Conservatives have a greater problem than just with Latino voters — how to respect the Latinos on their side

LatinaLista — Much has been written about the problem Republicans/conservatives are having with Latino voters. Yet, there seems to be another story that is being overlooked entirely — the problem conservatives are having with Latinos who are supposed to share their same agenda. The nation got a glimpse of this in May when the Republican

Supreme Court SB1070 ruling — an issue that impacts all Americans

LatinaLista — Today was expected to be a big news day. All the cable news networks were waiting with bated commentary for the expected healthcare ruling by the Supreme Court. The financial cable news channels had lined up their experts to deliver immediate reaction the second the opinion was to be released. But it didn’t

Immigration, not the economy, is tearing the Latino community apart

LatinaLista — Ever since the Obama administration’s surprise announcement last week about deferring the deportation of undocumented youth, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, has let others in his party do the talking for him. Unfortunately, the range of the rhetoric — from a threatened lawsuit by Iowa’s Republican Rep. Steve King to Marco Rubio’s

Is immigration reform the issue to rip the GOP apart?

LatinaLista — The cracks in the unified front the Republican party has striven to project when denouncing immigration reform has been deepening over time. From Jeb Bush cautioning his colleagues to tone down their anti-immigrant rhetoric to more and more Latino Republicans openly challenging their leadership’s official stance on the issue to Marco Rubio’s surprise