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Breaking News: Congress postpones digital switchover

LatinaLista — The news is hitting the wires that Congress is postponing the digital switchover until June. President Obama is due to sign the bill shortly.
That bit of news is good given how unprepared some people are in the country, as Latina Lista outlined in House Republicans negative vote on digital tv switchover disenfranchises millions of Latino and African American families.

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  • RickSawaya
    February 7, 2009 at 7:48 am

    Well as a person who is active in communications I fell that waiting tell June is a joke, there has been many many adds and info sent out to the amaerican people, they should have been prepared, wht go out and buy a converter box, hook up , why do we need to wait for the goverment to buy us a box .. I feel sorry for thr broadcasters who have spent money and a lot to be prepared for the change over. now they are stuck with addition bills on two diffrent tx sites . guess the cost of adverting will increase to cover the expense. I feel we should go ahead with the change..

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