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Spotlight Nonprofit: Helping the homeless find a home and a new future

LatinaLista — Green Doors of Austin, Texas has a simple mission — help end homelessness and poverty housing in Central Texas.

What would ordinarily sound like a lofty goal has been transformed into a reachable reality for the 21-year non-profit.

Started by a young woman who once was homeless, Green Doors is known for creating affordable quality housing, providing residents with education and access to support services. Yet, above all, Green Doors staff act as advocates for individuals and families struggling with homelessness and at-risk for homelessness.

Green Doors owns and manages 25 properties, serving more than 300 residents annually, including managing 84 housing rental assistance vouchers for low income households. The organizations has created a variety of housing programs that help veterans, people with disabilities and single parent families.

In addition to the housing programs, Green Doors also operates a food pantry and a clothes closet where struggling individuals can find clothing, undergarments, coats, shoes and hygiene items, for all members of the family.

Green Doors has created many partnerships with area businesses, as well as, a variety of ways for individuals to help or volunteer with the organization.

…helping people access and sustain permanent, affordable housing should be the central goal of our work with people experiencing homelessness. By providing housing assistance, case management and supportive services responsive to individual or family needs (time-limited or long-term) after an individual or family is housed, communities can significantly reduce the time people experience homelessness and prevent further episodes of homelessness.


A central tenet of the Housing First approach is that social services to enhance individual and family well-being can be more effective when people are in their own home.

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