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Spotlight Nonprofit: Nonprofit fulfills childhood experiences to build positive futures

LatinaLista — The word “empowerment” is often used to describe an end-goal for many non-profits who work with disadvantaged youth and families. Some organizations define empowering their target clients by offering classes to boost their self-esteem. While that’s important, sometimes empowering a person means giving them the opportunity to pursue their dreams, no matter how small they may be.

FamilyNation, a Colorado-based non-profit, is all about empowering at-risk youth and young adults. And while they do provide ways to get the kids they service grants and opportunities in the community, they also do something much more basic.

Our services offer youth and young adults opportunities to participate in the world around them. Whether they want to play in sports, learn a musical instrument, participate in a club, develop a new skill or become involved in activities that support their personal growth, and may not be afforded by them due to social, economic or environmental challenges; we assist in making these programs available.

Our services can be as simple as providing equipment and mentors or as complicated as finding reliable transportation to every event. We are bridge builders. We meet the needs of those who cannot meet those needs for themselves.

The nonprofit believes in helping youth and young adults with these basic experiences and offers grants and scholarships to qualified youth across the country. Those who apply for the nonprofit’s help need only meet a simple criteria: Will the grant they are awarded improve their quality of life and motivate them to become an active member of the community?

Along with the grants and scholarships, FamilyNation holds various youth festivals, like the Youth Empowerment Festival and youth talent shows — all with the purpose of investing in the future of the youth they service.

FamilyNation is committed to the idea that even one adolescent or childhood experience may touch a child’s life forever, building sustainable human development.

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