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Breaking News: PBS Says Si to Latino Inclusion in WWII Doc

LatinaLista — News being released across the blogosphere from the Defend the Honor Campaign reports that PBS has decided to include the Latino and Native American experience in documentarian Ken Burns’ World War II documentary due to be released this September, during Hispanic Heritage Month.

According to the press release:

The additional narratives about experiences of the Latino and Native American veterans of World War II will be integrated into the documentary, the DVD, the Website and PBS’ educational outreach materials.
A Latino producer will be hired by Burns production company, Florentine Films, in consultation with PBS, to be part of the production teams that will create the additional content.
The War will premiere on September 23, 2007 (during Hispanic Heritage Month) as scheduled with the inclusion of the new content.
Additional national programming will be aired on WWII that will include and focus on the Latino contributions to the war.

If ever there was an example of the community standing up for not what is just the right thing to do but what is necessary, this is a prime example.

Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, who initially spearheaded the awareness campaign that Latinos were not included in this definitive piece of film, deserves much thanks and is an inspiration for all who fight for greater recognition and appreciation of the Latino presence throughout this country’s history.

Dr. Rivas-Rodriguez is one Latina Lista!

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