New bilingual Tarot card reading site mixes technology with ancient practice for fun insight into the future


LatinaLista — Some believe the Tarot cards had their origin in the western world in Spain. Others believe Italy, but all those who believe agree that the Tarot cards can open the window into how your destiny is to unfold.

In the United States, bilingual Tarot card readers aren’t that easy to find, but thanks to technology and the Internet, a newly redesigned site is not only offering Tarot card readings — but in both English and Spanish.
The site is SpellSpace. A visit to the site lets you have a full “Tarot experience.” In other words, after choosing which language you want your reading, a quick click on the deck of cards shown on the screen and the fortune teller deals your hand of Tarot cards.
After the reading, you can choose to save it for future reference. The site also offers a diary to keep notes if you should see any “coincidences” between your reading and your daily life. There is also a section that links to interesting psychic and New Age sites, along with, a store to buy any spells you might need.
However, one of the more interesting sections on the site, aside from the readings themselves, is the SpellSpace blog.
The resident Tarot reader delves into some political “forecasting” to see who will win the Democratic nomination and eventually the Presidency.
What’s written in the stars may surprise you.