Seventh anniversary of 9-11 should focus on both memorializing and asking the hard questions


LatinaLista — On this seventh anniversary of the most horrific act of terrorism perpetuated on American soil in modern history, words have been exhausted as to how this country will avenge the murders of almost 3,000 people whose only guilt was being in the right place at the wrong time.
After seven years, we should be farther along in this quest than we are. Why aren’t we?

For reasons only known behind the doors of the Oval Office, our soldiers have been sent in the midst of a turf battle between factions in a country that didn’t even have anything directly to do with the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
It is only now, as our President leaves office that more troops are being sent into the one place where they should have been concentrated from the beginning — Afghanistan.
Yet after seven years and millions of military and civilian lives lost in Iraq, the legacy of this Administration is a troop count of 138,000 in Iraq and 34,000 in Afghanistan.
As we mark this somber anniversary, it’s time to ask the questions that have irritated this Administration:

  • Is the world a safer place because of our presence in Iraq?
  • Have we made a significant difference in the strength of Al-Qaeda?
  • Have we repaired our global image with our allies?
  • Have we fostered a positive working relationship with countries in the Mideast?

The Pentagon Memorial is oriented along the path of Flight 77 and is about 200 feet from where it crashed. It will never be closed to visitors.
(Source: LA Times)

Can it be promised that another 9-11 won’t happen again on U.S. soil?