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Did Elvira Plan to be Captured by ICE?

Did Elvira Plan to be Captured by ICE?

LatinaLista — The carefully orchestrated apprehension of Elvira Arellano yesterday in Los Angeles, California showed that the federal government, above all else, did not want a repeat performance of what happened in Miami in 2000 when agents stormed the house where 6-year-old Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez was living.

Elvira with her son Saul
It couldn't have worked out better for them, and on some level, we are left to wonder if Elvira and her supporters didn't plan for this to happen.

To flaunt her presence by holding press conferences, it seems to have been more than just an act of defiance and a daring of ICE to come and get her.
Though she will be in Mexico (reports say she is being actively deported soon), Elvira's voice can be as effective, if not more so, from across the border — especially if she chooses to not take her son, Saul, with her.
There would be no better example to illustrate how the current immigration policies are tearing apart families.
Also, with her capture, Elvira has slowly ignited an outrage that has people composing songs, holding vigils and writing blog posts :) on her behalf.
Elvira's name will not go away and though she'll be across the border, her voice will probably be louder than it has been all year — something that the Department of Homeland Security didn't anticipate.
A reader alerted Latina Lista to a song that has been composed in support of Elvira.
What better way to live on than in song:
This song was written in support of Elvira Arellano and her son Saul. We are neighbors of Elvira’s Humboldt Park sanctuary Adalberto United Methodist Church, and as musicians, we have chosen to lend our voice to her crusade.

As many of you know, Elvira, under threat of deportation, has taken refuge to avoid separating from her son Saul, who is a U.S. citizen.
E. Wright Cooley, Rebecca F., Colin McGeehan 2007
Jesus, hide me
Don’t let them take Saulito away
My boy’s an American
Like I would be if I had my way
Why don’t you want me?
My home is here and I want to stay
Mother or motherland
Is not a choice a son should make
I’m not a criminal
I’m not a terrorist
I’m just a single working mother and I need this.
Le lo le
Tried to break up my family
That’s why I had to raise the stakes
And I’m asking you honestly
Did you think you wouldn’t do the same?
A.) Accept me
B.) Ignore me
C.) Deport me
D.) There is no D!
We are not criminals
We are not terrorists
We are honest working families and we need this


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