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PBS takes a fresh look at the U.S.-Mexico border wall

PBS takes a fresh look at the U.S.-Mexico border wall

LatinaLista — While not much is being reported in the traditional press about the ongoing battle along the U.S.-Mexico border between U.S. residents fighting the Department of Homeland Security's intent to construct a physical barrier between Mexico and the U.S., it's still happening.
Marches are still being walked in protest and residents fear how construction will impact their way of life — it's a foregone consensus that the fence will not complement the environment.

The latest media organization to travel down to the Texas Rio Grande Valley and see for themselves what is happening with the controversy is the film crew from PBS' NOW program.
Their findings appear in the NOW episode titled "The Border Fence."
Featuring familiar CNN journalist, Maria Hinojosa, the show explores people's fears about the fence, but in a new twist also attempts to find out if some residents are actually getting preferential treatment in having their properties spared from the wall.
The video is available for viewing online, along with, some personal insights by journalist Hinojosa that gives a well-rounded report on what is happening at the Texas/Mexico border and why people have no faith in the wall, current immigration policy or this Administration.

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