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New accessory line for women inspired by Latin America

New accessory line for women inspired by Latin America

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DELAWARE -- Roxanna is a Venezuelan visual communicator that has lived in Delaware for the past five years working in the design of printed material and web pages. In these past two years she had the idea to broaden her creative spectrum and design some other products, mainly for women.


Her brand is Banana Graphika and all of her products are handmade, 100% handcraft- ed: the illustration, cutting, baking, assembly and packaging, and in limited collections.

With a great smile, she says, "I have always mixed non-conventional materials to create unexpected and provocative results." Roxanna tells us that the collection being presented is named Earth and Fire and is a collaboration project together with Gretchen Diehl (www. birdqueendesigns.com), inspired in Venezuela, its culture, gastronomy, flora and fauna. "Uses cultural references known and shared by all of us, Latin American countries' immigrants," she adds.

For instance, she used Ink Shrink film and seeds from the Amazons: Coffee, Acai, Tagua, Bombona, adding special accents with Swarovsky crystals. The pieces are packed in patterned jute bags, treated and dyed by hand.

She also presents a collection of flowers accessories. "It is a collection created for her, who is vain, fun, fresh, daring." Multicolor flowers to be worn on clothes, on hair, like pines, bracelets, etc.

They are unique designs, also entirely hand-made, mixing materials and diverse techniques. Among other materials she uses silk, satin, felt, tulle, organza, Mulberry paper, organic, plastic, glass and semiprecious ornaments, and metal threads, all this to create something new, stressing the importance of the graphics as the center of her idea.

"Because life should be fun," she says as she ends the interview. To contact Banana Graphika you can write to rox@bananagraphika.com.

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