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New gardening podcast honors Latinx tradition using herbs for family remedies and flavorful cooking

LatinaLista — Roots & Curas is a new series that elevates the common variety gardening podcast to new heights by adding a pinch of Latinx spice.

Part of the TTM Hispanic Podcast Network, and produced by Treviño TodaMedia, Roots & Curas is hosted by Master Gardener Beatriz Rocha. A life-long herbalist, Beatriz shares her knowledge of herbs, remedies and recipes, as handed down to her by her grandmother and curandera(folk healer), Mamá Juanita.

“Though studies show that the longer Latinos live in the United States the greater likelihood that cultural traditions are forgotten, we were seeing that it wasn’t necessarily true when it came to family remedies,” said Marisa Treviño, CEO of Treviño TodaMedia. “Most Latino families have an oral tradition of how to use herbs or natural ingredients to treat illnesses such as fevers, rashes, etc. Roots & Curas is the first podcast to highlight this cultural tradition and bring it to a wider audience. Not to mention, how herbs have traditionally been used as the go-to secret ingredient for cooking Latinx dishes.”

In each 15-20 minute bi-weekly episode, Beatriz introduces a new herb, reviews its importance to Hispanic culture, how it’s used today to treat illnesses and which are the best foods to use it when cooking. However, as a way to honor her abuela’s teachings, Beatriz also shares with listeners on how they can continue the herbal tradition.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to share what has always been an integral part of my life,” said Beatriz. “Working on these podcasts brings back so many wonderful memories of family. I hope these shows rekindle similar family memories for listeners and renews an excitement of getting in touch with your roots.”

A Roots & Curas facebook page complements the series with recipes, pictures, planting instructions and links to books and individuals mentioned in each episode. In addition, listeners have the opportunity to post questions for Beatriz.

The Roots & Curas logo was created by up-and-coming artist Joaquin R. Junco and theme music is by Daniel Indart, provided by Latin Music Specialists.

Roots & Curas is heard on AudioBoomand iTunes.

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