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By Pablo J. Sáinz La Prensa San Diego Together with neighboring Tijuana, San Diego is home to an immense array of Latino chefs and restaurants that are creating an exciting Latin culinary movement in the border region, according to the director of an upcoming comida festival. Richie Matthews, director of ¡LATIN FOOD FEST!, a multi-city […]


By Michael Cheng El Nuevo Sol Ten years ago, James, an undocumented student at CSUN, moved with his family to Los Angeles from Tlaxcala, México, but he isn’t Latino, he is Korean American. James (an undocumented student alias) called Tlaxcala, Mexico, home for three years as he and his family migrated from South Korea so […]


By Frank X. Moraga Amigos805 Building multidimensional shapes out of plastic tubing and using Mentos and soda to propel race cars. While at first glance the exercises seem like children’s play, for high school students at CSU Channel Islands the exercises this month are a serious part in learning about advanced concepts of mathematics and […]


Amigos805.com SANTA BARBARA — This is the overarching question that frames John S.W. Park’s new book, “Illegal Migrations and the Huckleberry Finn Problem” (Temple University Press, 2013), and it’s a question that has confronted many American citizens time and again throughout their history. The question has appeared in many troublesome settings. If you lived in […]


By Pablo J. Sáinz La Prensa San Diego One of the things that caused her the most cultural shock when Raquel Pomplun moved from Tijuana to Chula Vista, when she was in middle school, was having to change clothes in front of her female classmates for gym class. “It’s not that I was ashamed to […]

By David Avalos La Prensa San Diego the bipartisan group of Senators known as the “Gang of Eight” put their plan for “comprehensive immigration reform” before the USAmerican public, and once again served the Chicana/o community a Mexican Combo Platter steaming with piles of beefed-up border security smothered in drones, refried Bracero guest worker programs, […]

Amigos805.com OXNARD, CALIFORNIA — Dozens of community organizations and several families that have lost their loved ones to extra-judicial killings by police are set to meet at “Justice for Our Communities! Families Organizing to Resist Police Brutality and Abuse,” a statewide conference from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday April 27, at Oxnard College, 4000 […]


By Joanna Rentería El Nuevo Sol “I’M AMERICAN – I’M JUST WAITING FOR MY COUNTRY TO RECOGNIZE IT.”- JOSÉ ANTONIO VARGAS Students and staff of California State University, Northridge, gathered Tuesday evening to hear the words of Award-winning multimedia journalist, filmmaker, activist, and founder of Define American, José Antonio Vargas. “I’m a story-teller … sometimes […]

By Pablo J. Sáinz La Prensa San Diego Growing up in San Diego, most of the time Felix Sanchez was the only person of Dominican origin in the room. Even more, people would assume he wasn’t even Latino, because of his black skin. “I would speak Spanish, and people would be like, ‘You speak Spanish? […]

Amigos805.com SANTA BARBARA — With President Barack Obama pushing for a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented residents in the U.S., and a vocal opposition promising to challenge his plan, comprehensive immigration reform is taking center stage in American politics. The arguments often overlook an especially vulnerable group of migrants — children, UCSB reported […]

By Andy Porras La Prensa San Diego any are those who know that it was Mexican president, Vicente Guerrero, who said,”Mi patria es primero – my motherland comes first,” – but few realize the man who abolished slavery in 1829 was of African heritage. Before you launch a Jalisco tantrum, observe these facts from historian […]

By Frank X. Moraga Amigos805 Finding just the right words to express your emotions can be a challenging proposition. For Ventura author Amada Irma Perez, the written word provides a wealth of opportunities to show the one you love how deeply you care about them. Perez will be offering love-seekers tips on how to express […]


La Prensa San Diego   As the Drug War Intensifies, Will the Free Press Be Silenced? In 1980, Jesús Blancornelas and Héctor Félix Miranda founded the Mexican newsweekly Zeta. They intended it to stand as an independent voice, different from the rest of the nation’s largely government-controlled media. At the time, reporting the truth about […]

Amigos805.com WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-23) on Dec. 21 announced the implementation of the Obama Administration’s “Pay as You Earn” program. The Administration’s “Pay as You Earn” proposal will reduce monthly loan payments by capping them at 10 percent of discretionary income to make loan repayment more manageable for recent graduates, Capps reported in […]