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Soledad O’Brien — An Afro-Latina by birth and a journalist by choice

By Angela Villanueva LatinaLista Soledad O’Brien, CNN anchor and special correspondent, shares her life story and behind-the-scenes career experiences in her book “The Next Big Story,” co-written with Rose Marie Arce. The book, published by Celebra, begins with her childhood in Smithtown, Long Island (a predominantly white suburb of New York City) growing up as

New magazine guides Nuevos Paisanos through the American labyrinth

By Ytzel Arrunada Borderzine EL PASO — Mario Fernandez, 45, crossed the border illegally in search of opportunity and a better life, but he found himself here without rights or guidance and countless unanswered questions. But now, a new publication is on their side. The first edition of Nuevos Paisanos is available on online. Nuevos