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Law of Attraction – How to Turn Your Affirmations into Reality: Calling Forth Your Dreams

by Susan Orosco
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Practicing the Law of Attraction can sometimes be frustrating. Too often the process produces the opposite of what we want. I often wonder if one of the reasons why our nation is suffering financially is because of the movie, “The Secret.”

The Law of Attraction is very powerful. If it is applied incorrectly it can bring about the opposite of what we affirm.

Thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions are powerful tools used by the Law of Attraction. They must move and work in unison towards the same goal like a well-oiled machine. If they are pulling in opposite directions there will be chaos.

Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions and intentions are your most powerful creative energies that bring about your reality. Below I have three steps that can help you achieve the highly functioning creative mind needed to produce your dreams.

Step #1 – Do the inner work. You cannot make massive changes in your life without massive inner work. Changes must be done to release negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

There are many methods available to those who are serious about changing their lives. You might want to Google ‘tapping.’ Or ‘clearing statements.’ These methods, and others like them, can help let go of the reasons why you are not moving forward as fast as you want to. Negativity is a serious block.

Step #2 – Do something every day towards achieving your goals. Daily achievements bring your dreams closer. No matter how big or small your daily task is, it will move you forward.

When you show a daily effort to reach your dreams you are calling them forth. Reaching for them consistently causes them to reach for you.

Do not think of your accomplishments as laborious. Learn to love the feeling instead. When you steadily feed yourself with accomplishments you begin to think of yourself as an achiever. Everything changes when your self-image changes. Imagine the change that will appear when you think of yourself as an achiever.

Step #3 – Be clear with your intentions. Stay focused always; and prepare yourself to receive. Be open to your dreams and your goals. Believe they can happen to you. Make sure your intentions are not conflicting.

The best way to stay focused is to think of your dreams often. Expect the changes. Make room for them. Make room for them in your life, and in your heart.

There is no doubt it takes a large amount of self-discipline and sacrifice to bring about the changes you are affirming, but the rewards are amazing. Don’t stop receiving. Once one goal is met, get another.

Always be in the state of receiving, achieving and accepting. It is a wonderful state of mind to live in. It is the mind of the Higher Self where learning to work the Law of Attraction is only one aspect of the Higher Self.

This higher version of you is seeking to emerge from under the negativity we often bury it with. It is called the Law of Emergence.

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  • lifecoaching
    January 18, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    A literary agent once rejected a book of mine saying: “We dont do law of attraction anymore. That was trendy 10 years ago, when “The Secret” came out, but most people have already moved beyond that”. The statement struck me as hilarious, considering that the so-called LOA is a principle that has been in effect since eons, not just 10 years and that these “most people” have not actually “moved beyond it” but instead given up on it.
    I do teach some advanced law of attraction techniques; so I invite you to take a look at
    Would love to know what you think about it..

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