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Alabamians March Against Immigration Bill

La Costa Latina

GULF COAST — On Saturday, June 25, starting at 6:30 p.m., Alabama residents and supporters will march in Linn Park in downtown Birmingham to protest the new immigration bill, HB56, signed by Governor Bentley on June 9.

Participants are asked to wear a white shirt for solidarity and to bring a candle in a glass holder for safety, preferably a candle that can be set on the ground.

Organizers say this is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, and mulit-religious demonstration. There will be speakers from different religious organizations throughout the community at the beginning and end of the march. The candles are to represent all the people who be affected by the new law.

The bill, which has yet to pass court review, will allow police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants if they’re stopped for any other reason, makes it a crime to knowingly transport illegal immigrants, and requires public schools to determine students’ immigration status. Alabama groups say they plan to challenge the bill.

Marchers will…

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