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Daizy Fuentes Named Delaware Boys & Girls Clubs Youth of the Year

El Tiempo Hispano
DELAWARE — On Thursday, March 24, Glasgow High School junior Daizy Fuentes was honored by the Delaware Boys & Girls Clubs, receiving their Youth of the Year award.

Eighteen-year-old Daizy is an unassuming girl with a tattoo that reads “love” on her right leg. Daizy spoke with El Tiempo Hispano on Friday, April 1st about her interests in life and the way being chosen as Youth of the Year has affected her.
Daisy.jpgAt the entrance of the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, her mentor Amber Hickman-Taylor and Marissa Cios a friend of hers had prepared a small exhibition on a table with pictures of Daizy with important figures such as Wilmington’s Mayor James Baker, or Delaware’s Attorney General Beau Biden. Nevertheless, none of this seem to matter to her: she’s there because she likes it, and that’s that!

Fuentes and her mentor Amber Hickman-Taylor and Marissa Cios a friend.

Daizy has been part of this club since she was 5 years old and has always found here a place of support, specially in 2008, when her little sister and her mother passed away only days apart.

Instead of succumbing to grief, Fuentes stayed in school and became a role model for her community.

Since her mother’s death, Fuentes has lived in many different homes in the Newark area, bouncing between friends and relatives. Today she lives in her best friend’s home (who by the way has taken her in with the greatest love) because her father lives in Virginia and she didn’t want to change schools. She attends Glasgow High School, where she is a part of the soccer and basketball teams, which is her true passion.

The daughter of a Puerto Rican, Daizy has had the opportunity to meet her Hispanic family on the Island of Enchantment where she has spent vacation time with her father, and where she plans to return this summer.

“I loved meeting all my family and listening to them speaking Spanish. I can understand it, but I don’t speak it well,” she said.

The award recognizes a teen who has overcome adversity to become a role model. In addition to the trophy, the award includes $3,000 in scholarship money as well as a notebook computer and printer.

The local award qualifies Fuentes for the Northeast regional competition in New York City where she could win a $10,000 scholarship. Delaware Boys & Girls Clubs chapters from across the state nominate candidates. The nominees are then interviewed by a panel of judges, yielding eight finalists this year.

Jeff Lank, a judge, said the most important aspect of the Youth of the Year award is the ability to inspire others. They overcome tragedies and use it to become a stronger person.

Fuentes’ determination impressed the judges. Throughout her personal tragedy, she …

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