Video: National campaign sets goal to make 1 million dreams come true — and show people how to do it!


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LatinaLista — From time to time, most people harbor a dream goal. Whether’s it to open up their own business, travel to an exotic location, buy a new car, etc. And most people will achieve these goals because 1. They share their dreams with friends and family; 2. They work out a concrete plan to achieve it and 3. They envision themselves having accomplished their dreams.

Yet, according to Marcia Wieder, the CEO/Founder® of Dream University and the spokesperson for the Million Dreams Campaign, for just as many people who do accomplish their dream goals there are just as many, if not more, who don’t. For that reason Wiedner speaks at TEDx conferences and travels the country telling people how they can make their dreams come true.

As part of the Million Dreams Campaign, Wieder and her partners’ goal is to help make 1 million dreams come true in 2013. They’re doing this by having people sign up, free-of-charge, on their web site and register their dreams. There are helpful hints and tips on the site for laying out strategy to achieve the dreams, along with, membership in their online forum where everyone pursuing their dreams share with one another the journey of creating “a dream-come-true life for ourselves” and a dream-come-true world for all of us.”