Herman Cain’s harsh rhetoric against illegal immigration signals a convenient forgetfulness

LatinaLista — Republican presidential nominee Herman Cain has been skyrocketing in the polls. His plain talk, his 9-9-9 tax plan and his no-nonsense background in business is making him an increasingly popular candidate.

Herman Cain, GOP 2012 nominee for president

It’s no wonder that the latest Rasmussen Reports‘ national telephone survey found Cain beat Obama in popularity 43 percent to 41 percent.

According to the survey, Cain is more popular among those over 40 — the average age group of Tea Party and conservative radicals. So, it shouldn’t be that surprising that Cain’s recent remarks on illegal immigration would send his over-40 fans into such a euphoric tizzy.

At a campaign stop over the weekend, Cain said that one of the ways to stop illegal immigration is to build an electric fence. He said there would be a sign on it in both English and Spanish that would say “It can kill you.”

Needless to say, his remarks were a hit among those who turned out to hear him speak.

Yet, it seems odd that a man who gained his wealth in the fast food industry — one of the main industries known to hire undocumented immigrants — would take such a harsh tone against people he knows has strong work ethics and has helped build an industry catering to fulfilling the needs and wants of customers.

Now, when they need a champion, Mr. Cain wants to cash them in for easy votes.