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Latinas pose a double-threat to election outcome

LatinaLista — With all the talk of the Latino vote, not as much attention has been paid to another equally viable segment of the population —  las mujeres!
According to a new study, the Women’s Vote Watch, by the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), women are clearly the majority when it comes to voters. Preliminary observations are showing that women more likely than men favor a Democratic ticket as well.

Women have voted at higher rates than men in every presidential election since 1980, and the number of women voters has exceeded the number of men voting in every presidential election since 1964, according to U.S. Bureau of the Census statistics.
Women outnumber men among registered as well as actual voters. In 2004, registered voters numbered 72.4 million women and 63.4 million men. With new voter registrations at an all time high in 2008, there are indications that women may be registering at higher rates than men in this election cycle, thereby adding to the advantage women have over men among potential voters.
A May 2008 survey of state election officials by the Associated Press found that in the six states that collected voter data by gender, comparing 2008 with 2004, the registration rate for new voters was up 89 percent among women, compared with 74 percent among men.

That about says it all.

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