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The Latino vote under siege by report claiming voter fraud

LatinaLista — A new report circulating in media circles attempts to discredit the Latino vote with unfounded allegations of potential widespread voter fraud. Yet, what lies at the heart of the report is a fear that the strength of the Latino vote is soon to be realized.
This week was the last week to register to vote in 29 states. Organizations holding voter registration drives targeting Latinos were reporting moderate to high levels of success in getting people to sign up.
Enthusiasm is rampant across the country in the belief that this is the election that will awaken the proverbial “sleeping giant.” Already unprecedented follow-up campaigns are underway in communities to make sure Latinos deliver on their potential to show up and vote.
Expectations have even been validated with projections from the National Association of Latino Elected Officials’ Educational Fund that 9.2 million Latinos will vote in this year’s national election. However, while the Latino vote is on the cusp of coming into its own, there has surfaced an attempt to discredit it before it can be exercised.
Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bring attention to what can only be described as racism at its worst if it were not for the fact that the author of the report-in-question is regarded by traditional media as an unbiased source on immigration.
Given the recent unfounded claims by conservative politicians and pundits that Latinos were to blame for the Wall Street meltdown, it’s safe to assume that the content of this report will also be repeated as fact when, in reality, it is far from the truth.
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  • yave begnet
    October 11, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    The other thing is that undocumented immigrants are not out trying to subvert the system. They know they’re not eligible to vote. Most try to minimize their interactions with government as much as possible out of fear of getting locked up. That includes registering to vote and especially actually going to a polling station. Voting as a non-citizen or even registering to vote will make one ineligible to become a citizen, so people avoid it. I want to read the report itself to see what claims Simcox is making, but it sounds dubious.

  • Evelyn
    October 12, 2008 at 2:20 am

    Help spread the word.
    “Hoy Marchamos, Manana Votamos”
    On October 15th, over 100 people will begin one of the largest hunger strikes in American history to call on Latinos, immigrants, and people of conscience–the Immigrant Rights Movement–to rise out of our fear and vote for change.
    “The Fast for our Future” will be based in a permanent encampment at La Placita Olvera, the historic heart of Los Angeles, and will continue until at least 1 million people have signed this Pledge.
    Through our shared sacrifice and commitment we will renew our movement and inspire an historic mobilization of Latino, immigrant, and pro-immigrant rights voters.
    We must remember the I.C.E. raids, those detained and deported, the families torn apart, the dreams deferred.
    We must remember the marches, the walkouts, the boycotts, and the promise we made: .” Yesterday we marched for our rights, today we vote.

  • Grandma
    October 13, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Illegals are registered to vote and do vote.
    ACORN seems to be helping in this fraud and are about to be charged.

  • Michaela
    October 13, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Yes Grandma, thankfully ACORN is under FBI investigation in over 21 states already. What a despicable organization.

  • Evelyn
    October 14, 2008 at 10:25 am

    And now this!
    McCain’s Obama/ACORN Ties Backfire!
    VIDEO: McCain to ACORN – You are ‘what makes America Special’ 2006
    October 14, 2008, 12:34AM
    Oh McCain, again you slip in the ever muddying waters of your own past.
    Not only are you attempting to smear Obama with voter registration fraud with regards to ACORN, but now, you are just making it even more visible that you sir, are the biggest fraud ever.
    If ACORN was so horrible, than what in the world possessed you to attend this event and speak so highly of their efforts.
    Video Proof McCain was for ACORN before he was against them
    What makes America special, is what’s in this room tonight.
    Now even the likes of Michelle Malkin is frothing with anger. McCain, hasn’t anybody ever taught you how to look within thyself before you look with a jaundiced eye at others.
    Michelle Malkin frothing
    If you want to know why see-sawing John McCain has had to be goaded, prodded, begged, and dragged into spotlighting Barack Obama’s radical ACORN roots, here’s your answer:
    Turns out John McCain had no problem calling ACORN members his friends during his ill-fated illegal alien shamnesty crusade.
    pro-shamnesty rally organized by a coalition led by ACORN. As the release notes, he made a second appearance for the group in NYC.
    Read it and gag:
    ACORN is now gleefully reminding McCain of his common cause with the group to paint itself as bipartisan — while at the same time issuing the usual strident, anti-conservative statements that ought to be immediate grounds for revoking its non-profit tax status.
    “I’ll rely on people to judge me by the company that I keep,” McCain said in February.
    That’s not working out so well now, is it?
    Ben Smith also posted a picture of McCain at the same rally. Here’s the picture.

    October 14, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    Many of these ACORN screwballs are looking at serious prison time and it’s for the good of our electoral system. The only way it could get any better is if the FBI can find a direct link to Obama and his campaign. Obama can not be trusted to do what is best for America. His plans for wealth redistribution and the creation of a national police force (Hitlers SS) are socialism, if not communism, in it’s purest form. What does he plan to do with a militarized civilian police force? This is a very scary prospect and such police forces in the past were used to suppress civil rights, conduct raids to find firearms or anti-government sentiment and only answer to their suppreme commander such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro, Stalin and others of that caliber.
    Do you think a Republican who said this could be elected president?
    By Vincent Gioia
    In his speech July 2 in Colorado Springs, Denver, media darling Barack Obama said:
    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
    What Obama meant:
    “…we need a ‘civilian national security force’ that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the half-trillion dollar Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force …”
    But as reported by Joseph Farah of WorldNet Daily Obama’s comments concerning a national police force are not included in published transcripts of his prepared remarks. Moreover, transcripts posted at both the Wall Street Journal and Denver Post do not have the critical passage and none of the major news media even mentioned Obama’s call for a national police force.
    The transcripts have all had the above paragraph censored. But on the YouTube video you can hear the above comment.
    The budget of the Defense Department is about $585 billion, over $200,000 per employee. The Heritage Foundation reports that spending on military personnel averages $70,000 per member, though it is not clear what that entails. If Obama is talking about funding his civilian national security corps at the same level as the military, he would need at least an additional $500 billion. That can buy a lot of clicking boots and Lugers and other wafen for his national Gestapo.
    Joseph Farah on WorldNet Daily wrote:
    “If we’re going to create some kind of national police force as big, powerful and well-funded as our combined U.S. military forces, isn’t this rather a big deal. I thought Democrats generally believed the U.S. spent too much on the military. How is it possible their candidate is seeking to create some kind of massive but secret national police force that will be even bigger than the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force put together? Is Obama serious about creating some kind of domestic security force bigger and more expensive than that? If not, why did he say it? What did he mean?”
    I think Obama said exactly what he meant although as a slip of the tongue because this part of his agenda is not something to be expressed prior to the election. Obama has a socialist, near communist agenda, of government control and redistribution of wealth. A national police force would be important in achieving Obama’s goals and could be used to stifle opposition. If you think this is just conspiratorial thinking, reflect back on the days before Hitler’s rise to power in Germany.
    I thought we already had the FBI, DEA, BATF, U.S. Marshals, TSA, postal inspectors, park rangers, Secret Service, state bureaus of investigation, state police, local police, sheriffs and constables, among others, to already handle domestic law enforcement; why do we need an additional national police force? The only reason would be to exercise authority the existing agencies do not have.
    In all his life Obama has never managed an organization larger than a Senate staff, or that of a law school publication. And, he’s never operated a for-profit business or been responsible for any profit center within one. Yet now too many Americans seem willing to entrust him with management of the largest business in the world; and with a national police force as well.
    All Obama’s experience prior to his 123 days in the U.S. Senate has been in community organizing. Among other things he worked with ACORN, the extremist community organization whose rap sheet include perpetration of numerous acts of violence, such as the destructive actions in Philadelphia where numerous buildings were burned to the ground. His other experience includes assisting in the Meals-on-Wheels programs in Illinois, training programs for Vietnamese Refugees, assembling congregations and a synagogue in a mid-sized Texas town to provide emergency assistance to low-income citizens, and being an expert witness at a Texas Senate hearing when legislation forming the state’s Commission on Human Rights was being drafted. Although some of these community action deeds may be commendable, on one level, they hardly constitute any sort of experience to justify his election to the country’s highest office, and any comparison to Senator John McCain’s experience and background is laughable.
    Putting Obama in charge of a national police force is akin to giving a paper hanger (Hitler’s previous profession) an armed force funded with billions of dollars (to be commensurate with the existing military) and the power to enforce an agenda that will change every fabric of American freedom.
    I do not trust Barack Obama in the least and this only adds to my mistrust. If it had been John McCain who had made this proposal, the press would have been all over it. Why does Obama get a pass from the media; because they want Obama elected president!
    Do you Obama supporters still want him to be president after knowing about this part of his agenda? If you buy into Obama’s call for “change”, is this the kind of change you want?
    Vincent Gioia is a retired patent attorney living in Palm Desert, California. His articles may be read at and he may be contacted at
    Not in my America, no way, no how. Americans must be made aware of Obamas socialist agenda and prevent him from destroying our nation. How does President Joe Biden sound? So. don’t be too suprised when it happens.

  • Evelyn
    October 15, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    While the economy tanks and America plunges into recession, there’s nothing but Ayers, Ayers, Ayers over at their corner.
    Not so long ago, conservatives liked to brag about how they belonged to the “party of ideas.” When those ideas run dry — or are actually implemented to disastrous effect (see Bush, George W.), conspiracy-mongering is all they have left.
    Someone suggested McCain fire his whole campaign and start over.
    He should, just like they were WRONG to think Pit Bull Palin could fill H Clinton’s shoes they are WRONG in thinking that voters appreciate the answer to all Americas ills caused by the current Republican Administration is to attack Obama. Why would we want more of McSame. Here is a better explanation below.
    Desperate Republicans Have No Intention of Going Down to Defeat With Either Dignity Or Honor
    Republican Party leaders are starting to finally realize the trouble they’re in
    It has finally dawned on Republican Party leaders that they are in the middle of Desperationland. Easy enough to sneer and say they earned it– and more– but desperation is leading them down some unhealthy paths, unhealthy for all of us.
    Republican office holders are aware that McCain’s coattails are not just negative, but positively toxic. The three special election House candidates he campaigned for– all in very Republican districts– all lost in upset elections. GOP strategists are starting to whisper the word “landslide,” and they mean a Democratic one that could leave the Republicans with impotent rump caucuses in both houses of Congress.
    Everywhere, Party leaders are starting to finally realize the trouble they’re in. Asked if McCain could win Wisconsin, former Republican Governor and McCain friend Tommy Thompson claimed it isn’t impossible but when he was asked if he’s happy with his friend’s campaign, he said “No; I don’t know who he is.” And that’s a feeling that people all over the country are having about McCain, who has tried to do everything he could to make Americans feel that he’s someone they know and trust– no one does– and that Obama is “not one of us” and scary and different and unknown. It’s almost funny when it comes from Sarah Palin who no one but Alaskans and a few religious extremists ever heard of before a month and a half ago.
    Several party leaders said Mr. McCain needed to settle on a single message in the final weeks of the campaign and warned that his changing day-to-day dialogue — a welter of evolving economic proposals, mixed with on-again-off-again attacks on Mr. Obama’s character– was not breaking through and was actually helping Mr. Obama in his effort to portray Mr. McCain as erratic.
    Former McCain colleague and ex-Missouri Senator John Danforth said “This is a year where everything that could go in Obama’s favor is going in Obama’s favor. Everything that could go against McCain is against him. It’s absolutely the worst kind of perfect storm.”
    The campaign itself is as confused, dysfunctional and erratic as the candidate. There’s conflicting advise coming from every direction, poll numbers that look less and less likely to turn around and criticism from state party leaders who see their own fiefdoms in jeopardy because of McCain’s inept performance.
    Endangered GOP incumbents like Gordon Smith of Oregon and Lee Terry of Nebraska are starting to take out ads that look like they’re trying to distance themselves from McCain and tie themselves to Obama. McCain and his advisers blame his reputation for running a gutter campaign on everyone but themselves– even on some of his own supporters who they call “nuts.” McCain doesn’t want to be identified with the “nuts” and he seems to have hoped Palin could placate them.
    But the party itself is almost nothing but nuts now. One far right extremist who runs the Colorado GOP, an unsavory and corrupt Dick Wadhams, best known as a kind of junior Karl Rove, is demanding that McCain needs more mud, not less. He thinks the campaign– even in the face of the economic collapse threatening families all over the country– must be all about Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers. The nuts love hearing about them.
    So what’s the game plan for the next 24 days? I think the media has scared the McCain camp away from depending on blowing up and antichrist argument and taking it out of backward hellholes like Lynchburg and into places where normal people live like Florida, Virginia and Ohio. So how is he going to try to win in post-medieval parts of the country. Steal it of course.
    They’re already setting up the backdrop by screaming ACORN, ACORN, ACORN, as though it had any relevance to anything– other than GOP paranoia and projection. Just the way found McCain’s pie-in-the-sky claims about a conspiratorial relationship between William Ayers and Obama “groundless, false, dubious… and malicious,” the hyped up slander of Acorn is being debunked as well. Adam at Progress Illinois is doing great work to get behind the media-generated hysteria that McCain’s camp is demanding. He absolutely tore CNN’s sensationalistic and completely misleading report to shreds on Friday.
    CNN’s Drew Griffin took his network’s Special Investigations Unit to Lake County, IN yesterday in an attempt to document election problems in the area. Did he discuss the active and legitimate voter suppression campaign taking place there, in which local Republicans are blocking early voting in three Democratic leaning cities? Not at all. Instead, he focused on faulty registration cards submitted by the current bete noir of the conservative movement, the community organizing group ACORN. What’s worse, his report (and most other media accounts) grossly misrepresented the intent and professionalism of ACORN’s registration efforts
    While McCain and his allies at Fox have persuaded lazy journalists that ACORN has been up to something nefarious by turning in fake registration forms, they never mention that ACORN is required to turn in all forms they collect and that ACORN has been flagging the suspicious ones for the registrars. Only a Republican trying to muddy the waters and set the stage for an argument that “everybody” cheats, would claim that there is some kind of equivalency between systematically disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters in Democratic leaning areas of battleground states and someone turning in a registration form claiming to be Babe Ruth or Richard Nixon.
    Can anyone with a straight face claim that “Babe Ruth” or “Richard Nixon” is going to try to vote in November? Or what about 7 year old O’jahnae Smith? Are Republicans worried that she’s going to show up on election day and demand to vote? Believe it or not, the Wall Street Journal had a calmer and more reliable report.
    Meanwhile, though, the Republican Party apparatus has moved into high gear to actually steal the election, as we reported last Wednesday.
    Last week the NY Times reported on illegal efforts in Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina to remove eligible voters from the rolls. Republicans have already been challenging military voters in Virginia and Montana, although when their scheme was discovered and exposed in Montana they quickly backed down. suggests 7 steps to protect yourself from GOP voter suppression
    STEP 1: DON’T DON’T DON’T mail in your ballot!! Absentee ballots are often not counted for the weakest of reasons. Furthermore, there are new rules in many states that you must photocopy your ID and send it with the ballot. However, they often don’t even tell you that. So hundreds of thousands of absentee votes will not be counted for this reason.
    STEP 2: VOTE EARLY …VERY EARLY! Many states are already allowing you to vote. Do it NOW. That way if you’re not listed on the voter roles, you have plenty of time to get your complaint heard.
    STEP 3: REGISTER AND THEN REGISTER AND THEN REGISTER! There is a TON of purging of voter rolls going on. It’s not enough to think you’re registered. Double check twelve times. You can check online at Once you’re done with that, go register. …Then go register.
    STEP 4: DO NOT FILL OUT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT if your vote is challenged!! In 2004 the Republicans challenged a ridiculous number of voters. The voters were then told by a sweet little lady at a table that their “provisional ballot” would be counted, BUT IT WON’T. Don’t listen to the little old lady!! DEMAND that poll judges make the judgment ON THE SPOT. Demand a call to the supervisor of elections. If you have to, go home and come back with a better form of ID.
    If you need help, call ELECTION PROTECTION at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. And help those around you when you’re at the polling place. Look for people having trouble. Call the number for them. Tell them not to fill out a provisional ballot!
    STEP 5: STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER! Walk out your front door and get active!! Volunteer to help with the campaign. Or ignore the campaign and do something on your own. It’s as simple as printing out these ELECTION PROTECTION steps and leaving them at people’s doors. Hell, you could hand them out outside the polling places. Don’t sit still or this election will be stolen. And go to a swing state if at all possible.
    STEP 6: FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS VOTE WITHOUT FRIENDS! Don’t go to vote alone. Bring friends!! Lots of them or only one of them. Make it a date. Arrange to have lunch with everyone after you vote. Whatever it takes. And have your election protection phone number WITH YOU (1-866-OUR-VOTE).
    STEP 7: IT AIN’T OVER ‘TILL IT’S OVER! If the election is indeed stolen, don’t throw in the towel! The day after is CRUCIAL! Three words need to be chanted over and over again: COUNT EVERY VOTE. For example, in 2000 Al Gore lost because of a Supreme Court decision that was 5-4 against him. Imagine if he had won that court decision. But if half of America had not chanted COUNT EVERY VOTE after election day, we would never have gotten to the Supreme Court. Half of America could’ve thrown in the towel on election night, but thanks to people in the streets, it was fought to the end.
    And if you think the idea of GOP dirty tricks exaggerated, please treat yourself to the amazing Lee Atwater documentary. Atwater wrote the playbook for Karl Rove and Steve Schmidt. Watch the trailer

    As for how McCain and his media allies are twisting ACORN into a scandal they can use for cover for their own plans… take a look at the kind of coverage this made up “news” has been getting:

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