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Bolivian female legislator among highlights in new Women’s Empowerment Initiative film series

LatinaLista — As women make more inroads in the political system of this country and are changing their communities for the better, it’s clear women are becoming more empowered to make a difference — all over the world.


Individual stories of what women are doing to make a difference in the lives of not only their families but the greater community can’t get told often enough. To honor these stories and inspire others to do the same, the Independent Television Service (ITVS) created The Women’s Empowerment Initiative, a series of videos featuring four outstanding women from Bolivia, Israel, Kenya and Egypt.

These stories raise provocative questions about what it takes to fight for social and economic change against extreme obstacles. These short-modules are powerful tools for sparking dialogue, deepening studies and inspiring action.

These films are more than just inspiring stories. They also serve as case studies on how to go about making a difference against the odds. Because of that, the films are paired with discussion guides so that community groups or NGOs can use them to foster deeper discussion within their memberships.

Educators can also use the videos in their classes since lesson plans are available on how to incorporate the series into school curriculums. Each video is available for free on the ITVS website.

Women of all ages can achieve empowerment. Some just need to be inspired to start the process. These stories in the Women’s Empowerment Collection are bound to accomplish that goal.

The featured video on Latina Lista introduces Jiovana Nava, a newly elected delegate to indigenous leader Evo Morales’ revolutionary government in Bolivia. Voted into office by the poor women from the labor organization PLANE, Nava soon finds that her hard-won political power comes with its own burdens. Faced with indifference from her male colleagues in Parliament, and disillusionment from within her own party, she struggles to secure promised jobs and housing for the PLANE women. This film shines light on the precarious economic reality of indigenous women in Bolivia, and the fragility of Bolivia’s fledgling democracy.

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