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National Homeless Youth Awareness Month highlights Homeless Youth TV network

LatinaLista — It’s calculated that there are over 1 million young homeless people roaming the streets of our nation. Reasons vary as to why they prefer the streets over staying at home: somebody told them they weren’t wanted, sexual or physical abuse, drug addiction or their family lost their home.
Whatever the problem, it’s a real problem that advocates for homeless youth want to make sure Washington never forgets until the problem is solved.
So last year, advocates convinced Congress to designate November National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. The only problem is that the designation is good only for this month.
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In order to get Congress to renew the designation, they have to see that enough people think there is a problem. Well, with Nebraska authorities documenting 30 cases so far of parents abandoning their children under the state’s Safe Haven Law, and the last few being teenagers, we would say there is a problem.
To lend your support to elevating the profile of this serious issue by having the month of November permanently designated National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, visit the web site and add your name.
But wait — there’s more you can do. Virgin Mobile is helping people help homeless youth by creating a program called RE-Generation. Part of the program provides a list of resources that make it easy to do something good. From donating clothes you’ve outgrown to your old cell phones to downloading Virgin Mobile content, of which part of the proceeds will go toward homeless youth programs, to donating cash or volunteering your time at a local organization, Virgin Mobile’s RE-Generation spells out exactly how to do it.
But there is another really cool part of the RE-Generation initiative that let’s you help homeless youth and satisfies that secret desire to be a part of show business. Virgin Mobile created a new reality TV network called Homeless Youth TV (HYTV).
Viewers can “learn about life on the streets through shows like Project Runaway, American Idle, Meal or No Meal, and more.” And by sponsoring a show for a $1, you get to see your name in the show’s credits while at the same time helping homeless teens.

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