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One Psychic Prediction Calls 2007 the Year of the Female

LatinaLista — There have been many “predictions” as to how the White House is going to get along with the new leaders in Congress but, unfortunately, it doesn’t take a psychic to know that the honeymoon will be over before it starts.

Which got me to thinking about what the psychics are saying about politics and life in general.

One psychic name Barbara Garcia had several interesting predictions. Among them were:

– The political charges of the year will be somewhat polarized within their own parties. However, there will be few challenges for the Democratic schedule for 2007 from the Republicans. Gossip and rumors will clearly separate those who currently rule within the parties.

– Healthcare will be a major topic throughout the year. George Bush will be strongly advised not to veto anything on the records of healthcare.

– The perseverance of those humble servants of light in all walks of life reaps an abundant and prosperous year. For a great number of you, it is a year of action, a year bearing the fruits of labor with opportunities in your line of expertise. For others, you will experience a series of events that will launch you to your rightful destiny path of prosperity.

El Brujo Mayor, aka Alberto Vazquez, peers into the future with tarot cards.
(Source: Univision)

Another psychic who calls himself the “Grand Warlock” or in Spanish El Brujo Mayor shared his own predictions regarding 2007:

– 2007 “has a very special characteristic” and “the year is 100 percent feminine.

– the border wall to keep out undocumented immigrants will not be built.

– Women will be at the forefront of politics worldwide.

– Castro will die before May.

And one last psychic, otherwise known as “The Psychic Detective,” Jeffry Palmer add among his visions, the following:

– I feel that there is a very strong likelihood of Rudolph Giuliani running for and subsequently winning the US presidential election in 2008. Giuliani will begin campaigning in early 2007. Senator John McCain may chosen as Vice President.

– There is a strong possibility of the reinstatement of the military draft system in the USA by the middle of November, 2007.

– In December of 2007 information will be released regarding a long standing cover-up by the US government.

Of course, no list of psychic predictions would be complete without one from Latina Lista.

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