A Voice from Peru

LatinaLista — Chances are you have not noticed that little by little Latina Lista is expanding its content.
In that expansion, we are including a section called “Linking Latinas.” It’s been a quiet launch of the section because we are slowly building towards our goal of having every South American and Latin American country represented by a knowledgeable Latina.
Last week, we got confirmation that we had found a Latina from Peru to join our team. Her name is Janett Chavarry.
After the 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit in Peru, we did not hear from Janett. Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of the devastation, we worried about Janett’s safety and said a few prayers that she and her family were safe.

Finally, Janett wrote us. Though she hasn’t officially started with Latina Lista yet, we felt any bit of news about the disaster in Peru deserves to be shared.
The following is Janett’s email to us – unedited.

Sorry for don’t write before but the earthquake in Peru was terrible and the communications didn’t work well.
I live in Lima and the earthquake happened in the south of here( 2 hours by car) but we felt a big earthquake and during these days we have experimented more than 400 shorts earthquekes product of that.
The situation it’s not well. We have more than 500 dies and 1,500 people who have suffered somethin kind of damage.
The Govermment, channels of televisión, Public and private organisations, Chatolic Church have started differents campaigns to help people becuase they lost their houses, families, clothes and in this moment they don’t have water and electricity.
I promise send more information…
Than you for your worry.
Un abrazo

As we can imagine, the nation is in mourning. The Peruvian newspaper Adonde? has posted a touching YouTube video showing the destruction and human suffering but also thanking all the countries that have sent aid.
From what we are hearing, there will be a need for even more aid in the coming weeks and months.
There are several U.S. organizations collecting donations to send to Peru. One is the Red Cross: To donate, call 1-800-RED-CROSS, or for Spanish, 800-257-7575.
As always seems to be the case during times like these, words don’t suffice in describing the destruction, the pain or the loss of life. If ever there is a time that pictures speak louder than words, this is it.

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