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Guatemala: My country is not just about soccer

By Mayra Beltran de Daetz


GUATEMALA — As you may know, July 18 was the start of the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games in the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Guatemala sent 411 athletes, the largest athletic delegation in history.
This number of delegates illustrates that Guatemala values many other sports besides soccer. So far, the Guatemalan athletes have achieved many triumphs in the games.
These outstanding athletes have been making headlines in the local newspapers. Such as:
Tiziana Billy, called the youngest rider, who along with her horse Shandon won gold in riding which includes training, cross-country and jumping.
Luci Zachrisson and Marie Gomar are the winners of the bronze medal in racquetball.
Sport shooting athletes achieved 14 medals — gold, silver and bronze. Sergio Sanchez was the one who won the only gold medal in this specialized sport.
Tiziana Billy, the youngest equestrian.
The Cyclist, Jose Sochón, won the bronze medal.
Gisella Morales won the gold medal in swimming establishing an impressive record in the 50 meter backstroke.

In judo, Evelyn Rodriguez won a silver medal.
In weightlifting, Christian Lopez won the gold medal in the 105 kg.
Jose Sochon.jpg
José Sochón
The badminton team won two gold medals and one silver medal for their outstanding participation.
Although there remains different sports competitions, Guatemala still has plenty of potential to win medals,. Our chances are especially good for gold in categories like sailing, table tennis, rowing and tae kwon do.
As of July 27, 2010, the medal box indicates that Guatemala is in sixth position and has accumulated so far 11 gold, 13 silver and 24 bronze — for a total of 48 medals.
Mexico ranks first with 271 medals. In second place is Venezuela with 249 and Colombia third with 204.
It has been a great experience for the Guatemalan athletes. Their success highlights the fact that we should support these sports just as much as we do our soccer teams!
Hopefully, when they return to the country with so many goals and dreams fulfilled, they will be recognized as they deserve to be.
Congratulations Countrymen for a good performance!
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Mayra Etna Beltrán Molina de Daetz is a native-born Guatemalan who lives in Guatemala City with her husband and teenage son. After attending one of the most noted secretarial schools in the country, Mayra graduated with a secretarial certification — and the ability to speak and write English, as well as, know French.

Yet, she wanted more of a career and so she took architect and graphic design classes at a local university in Guatemala City. Unable to finish her university studies due to finances, Mayra became a stewardess and has over 100 hours in the air.

Yet, she always wanted to be involved with the media and so she returned to school and was able to get a degree in sales and marketing.


As a result, she has worked for a weekly magazine and a newspaper.

I have had opportunity to attend International congresses, in which I have known very important people at the more important international newspapers, which has been a very gratifying experience and has allowed me to have friendships outside of my country.


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