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Delaware and Chile: a very fruitful relationship

By Fernando Alcayaga
El Tiempo Hispano

DELAWARE — The governor of Delaware, Jack Markell, has recently concluded a very successful trade mission to Chile.

During his stay, Governor Markell signed a covenant to extend the terms of an agreement between the Port of Wilmington and Chile to ensure the continued storage and distribution of food products exported from this South American country.

Via a special video conference from Chile, Jack Markel addressed hundreds of students attending the Latin American Community Center’s Summer Camp. He stressed the importance of the relationship between the Port of Wilmington and fruit producers in Chile. While in Chile, he met with leading political and business figures to strengthen economic ties between Delaware and Chile.

“It is important to create relationships with other countries, because the State of Delaware benefits from this economic exchange. It is also very beneficial to the region. The Port of Wilmington generates about 15,000 jobs,” said the governor.

While talking with students, Markell urged young people to study and learn more than one language. “In a globalized world, managing two or more languages supports the economic development of our nation,” he said.

To Markell, Chile is not an unknown destination. The governor, with excellent Spanish, shared with the students how delighted he was to again be in the Andes and to enjoy home-cooked meals.

Revitalizing the local economy

For the governor, the main objective of the visit…

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