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Chris Evans is feeling the pressure with directorial debut

LOS ANGELES (AP) — What’s got Captain America quaking in his boots?

Actor Chris Evans, known for playing the iconic Marvel superhero, is making his directorial debut with the indie film “Before We Go” and the stakes have never felt higher.

“I feel extra pressure every day of my life! Yeah, sure it’s daunting. It’s on you and I’m a first-timer so you know it’s kind of trial by fire,” said Evans Wednesday.

The actor also stars in the romantic drama out Friday. The story follows aspiring musician Nick (Evans) whose chance encounter with Brooke (Alice Eve) leads to an all-night adventure in New York City.

Evans admitted that directing himself in a starring role was no easy task. He can’t wait to give it another go, but is actually wishing for less screen time.

“Hopefully on the next one I can have a smaller role where I can actually spend more time in the director’s chair,” he said. “This is actually very honest and painful and truthful, but no one is going to let me direct a movie unless I put myself in it. It’s just the nature of how films are made right now.”

While the newly minted director admitted that he’s concerned about reviews, he is also prepared for some criticism.

“You always say you don’t pay attention to that stuff, but anyone who says that is lying,” said Evans. “You’ve got to remember that careers can be long. Memories can be short. It doesn’t have to all be now and that’s OK,” he said.

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