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Hispanic GOP backlash begins against politicians opposing DREAM Act

LatinaLista — A vote for the DREAM Act is expected to come any day now and as each day passes with excitement building and more Republicans digging in their heels, there is a hint of a backlash surfacing against the GOP hardliners from members of their very own party.


Not surprisingly, it comes from Hispanic Republicans.

Texas newspapers carried a report today of how a national Latino Republican group sent a letter to Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison about her intent not to support the DREAM Act.

“We are conservative Republicans who hold traditional military and social values,” the group Somos Republicans wrote in a letter to the senator. “We are troubled by the fact that you failed to recognize that Hispanics in Texas are overwhelmingly in support of the DREAM Act.”

Actually, it’s not just Hispanics.

A recent Gallup poll revealed that 54 percent of the American people favor passing the DREAM Act.

It makes one wonder as to the real reason why certain politicians refuse to listen to the Hispanic base, and now, a majority of the American people.

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