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Spotlight Nonprofit: Raising the bar on treating the homeless

LatinaLista — San Antonio’s newest and largest facility serving homeless adults and children draws attention because it isn’t just another place where the homeless find refuge. Haven for Hope raises the bar on helping the homeless by creating the first “Homeless Transformation Campus” in the country.


Citing their mission as “to transform and save lives,” the Haven for Hope Campus is made up of 15 Buildings, on 37 Acres. It currently has a network of service provision with 78 non-profit and government Partner Agencies. On any given night, there are about 1600 individuals who reside on the campus.

The homeless can take advantage of one of two programs: They can stay at Prospects Courtyard where they can get safe overnight & outdoor lodging along with 3 meals a day, showers, and other helpful human resources; or they can reside on the main campus where in addition to getting job training, and medical and dental care, and their children are cared for at an on-site daycare, they make a life plan and commitment to transition and transformation, helped with spiritual counseling and a support network comprised of different faith groups.

Haven for Hope is a standout as a homeless shelter in another very important way — it actively works with the San Antonio business community. One example is Haven for Hope will be a recipient of a special recipe contest sponsored by the National Pork Board.

The San Antonio contest, El Sabor de Mil Platillos-Con Tu Sazón Único is about putting a new twist on pork dishes. For every qualifying entry into the contest, America’s Pork Producers will donate up to 500 pounds of pork to the San Antonio Food Bank. In turn, the pork will be cooked and served as 2,500 meals at Haven for Hope.

As much as Haven for Hope strives to make their residents and clients self-sufficient, the facility itself is a model in creating that same self-sufficiency by tapping into opportunities that not only benefit the homeless but afford local businesses and residents the chance to give back and be recognized as well.

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