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Guest Author: Following 52 behaviors releases the leader within us

By Ellen Castro
Condor Book Tours

Ellen Castro knows how stressful life can be in Corporate America. She has spent her adult years learning firsthand how to handle the challenges of life and Corporate America and wanted to help others know the hard lessons she learned throughout her career.


The following post by author Ellen Castro is part of the Condor Book Tours promoting Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust on the Job.


Be equipped for success regardless of external forces? Absolutely! You have the power within – harness it!

I was compelled to author this edition of my 1998 groundbreaking best-seller, Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust on the Job, because as I traveled the world coaching and consulting across 17 industries, I’ve seen stress levels escalate as people scramble to survive the current intense economic and competitive times.

In most cases, this environment of survival creates cultures of mistrust, lousy teamwork and star performers bail. Morale plummets as does productivity and customer satisfaction.

Engagement, excellence and commitment are needed today more than ever. Cultures that inspire networks of trust unleash the greatness of the human spirit whether at work, in the community or at home.

Culture begins with you!

You are far more powerful than you imagine. Fulfill your destiny and change the world with my real-world blueprint and solution for living boldly and courageously from the inside out.

Once upon a time my issues had issues; my entire life was a panic attack. By faith and better choices — by modeling these 52 traits and behaviors my life went from surviving to thriving, from tragic to magic. I steadily gained increased energy, strength and confidence to live a life of excellence and self-expression. Woo-hoo! Yippee!

So can you with the 52 Ways and Coaching Moments filled with insights, practical applications, exercises and more to thrive in these unpredictable and exciting times where competence alone is no longer enough to succeed in business or in life.

Dare to be Greater!</strong>

With the beginning of the holiday season, consider applying “Think Before You Speak and Act” with these selected excerpts:

A spirited leader is aware that that every word and action has the power to uplift and energize or to deplete and squelch enthusiasm. A leader knows that once trust and confidence are lost, they are gone forever – or extremely difficult to regain.

Have you ever lost your cool and become defensive? Describe the time and the ramifications to your credibility, reputation and brand value?

Choose to respond, not to react.

If you did react instead of responding, please apply “Forgive” with these selected excerpts:

Leaders do not berate themselves for communications gone awry. They say, “Oops,” and accept the learning experience. They seek out the person they hurt or in whom they created mistrust. They apologize, accept their part of the miscommunication and seek resolution. They adjust future communications with the experience gained.

If your forgiveness factor is low, what is the payoff for staying angry?

Every experience serves you well.

It is my sincerest desire to help your path be lighter, easier and brighter! I have enough gray hair for all of us.

Harness your personal power, build your leadership muscle and people smarts. Spirited leadership is needed more than ever. You are needed more than ever.

I believe in you!

Blessings and joy to you and yours!

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