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Mid-summer pool safety campaign creates a splash among families

LatinaLista — Since Memorial Day Weekend, over 200 children have either given their parents the scare of their lives or have irreversibly broken their hearts by either drowning or having a near drowning experience in pools and spas.


The sad reality is that children drowning is a senseless death if the proper safety precautions are taken to prevent it in the first place. A new campaign jointly launched by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Safe Kids USA and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) aims to teach parents and children safe behavior in and around pools and spas — but not through a bullet-point list of safety practices.

The campaign includes two videos — one in English and one in Spanish — about pool safety behavior, as well as, an online interactive game where parents and children are presented a variety of real-world scenarios where they have to identify those situations that could lead to danger. The game is supposed to be made available at each of the home sites of the three partners in the campaign. At the time of this posting, the game was not available.

Summer vacation may be winding down but with warm temps extending into the fall, it’s a safe bet that children and families will be doing their best to keep cool for the next few months — and they should do it as safely as possible.

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