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Latinos Suffer Higher Rates of Eye Problems with Age

LatinaLista — With Latinos, espcially Mexican-Americans, having a higher incidence of diabetes than other groups, and the fact that Latinos are spending increasingly more hours in front of the computer, and that more Latinos seem to employed in hard labor outside jobs, it just makes sense that one in five Hispanics suffer from cataracts and have higher prevalence rates of early age-related macular degeneration.

Yet, as precious as we know our eyesight is, too many Latinos ignore the warning signs of early vision loss, and wait till the vision is too destroyed to recover it.

Clearly, the Hispanic community needs to educate ourselves on good eyesight.

A web site called Eyedidntknowthat that contains a range of information about our eyes – from how the eyes work to different eye diseases and problems, tips on how to know if it’s time for glasses and a whole list of true and false questions about the eyes is available.


But now, it’s available in Spanish too. The companion Spanish site is yonosabiaeso. It has all the same information as the English site.

As we give special thanks for the people in our lives, it wouldn’t hurt to give an early Christmas present to those who are long overdue to hear what the difference is between healthy vision and not-so-healthy eyesight.

If there ever is an issue that is literally black and white – this one is it.

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