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Latina Lista launches the “Smart Survey Panel” to make Latinos’ opinions known to companies

LatinaLista — With the Latino market projected to have a buying power of $1.5 trillion in three years, marketers and advertisers are finally noticing that they know very little about what Latinos do and do not like and who we are.

For that reason, meet-ups between Latino bloggers and marketers are becoming more popular. Yet, companies that make the products they hope will be on every Latinos and Latinas’ shopping lists want to reach more Latino consumers directly to get our opinions.

It makes sense. In addition to finding out our preferences for taste, color and design of products by reaching out directly to Latino buyers, they can also find out what is considered offensive or just out of touch. For that reason, Latina Lista has partnered with CINT to create the Latina Lista Smart Survey Panel.

The survey panel operates like many other surveys — people who sign up to join get asked to answer several questions important to a particular company that is creating a product to attract Latino consumers. It’s an opportunity to share our opinions and possibly shape the results so that they are more practical, useful and appealing to Latino consumers.

But there’s one twist — you get paid for your participation. The money is not a lot but it’s something to show that while these companies value your opinion, Latina Lista values your time. We think, however modest the compensation, your time should be rewarded.

In addition, for every person who signs up and takes the surveys, Latina Lista also gets a small amount. With the money, we hope to be able to apply it towards hiring more freelancers to write amazing stories for readers who deserve the best content at the Smart News Source.


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