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GoPro’s drone is called the Karma

umored since 2014 and confirmed at this year’s Code Conference, the GoPro drone is coming in 2016, and now we know it’ll be called the “Karma.” The company announced the name in a blog post and YouTube video published today.

The Karma will be GoPro’s entry into the consumer drone market, one that is growing as fast as it is being regulated by the government. The biggest established force in that space is DJI, a company that already has $1 billion to its name, and one that is alsoquickly moving into GoPro’s territory of ground-based cameras and filmmaking.

There’s still essentially no information about the Karma, but it’s safe to assume a quadcopter with 4K filming capabilities, at the very least. In fact, aside from the name, all we have so far is some test footage released by the company in late October — the same footage that was used in the name announcement video posted today. Expect that to change in early 2016, perhaps even at CES.

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