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Spanish version of Bible jumps into the 21st Century

LatinaLista — There is one book that always outdoes the competition when it comes to setting world records in the readership category.
You got it — the Bible.
Though the Bible has always had a Spanish printed version, it now has an audio version. The American Bible Society has released La Palabra Eterna, Reina-Valera 1960, a dramatized recording in Spanish of the New Testament in both CD and MP3 formats.

What’s cool about this recording is that it’s not some monotone voice reading familiar Scripture but a very polished delivery complete with music, sound effects, and native Spanish speakers. It was produced and directed by Grammy award winner David Rapkin whose past audio books have been recognized by Publisher’s Weekly as among the best selling audio books on the market.
So if you have someone on your Mother’s Day list for whom you just have no clue as to what to buy her, check this out.
A gift like this may get you those good graces you need.

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