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Turning great ideas into winning inventions

LatinaLista — They say that everybody has at least one good story in them to write. Well, the same can be said that everyone also has one good invention in them to invent.
And when it comes to being creative and finding solutions to practical problems, women have risen to the challenge time and time again.
Now, it’s time to be rewarded.
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The annual “Mother of Invention” contest sponsored by Whirlpool is underway. This year, a new category has been added — the “Green” category. For the Green inventions, inventors “must meet one of the following criteria: minimize the impact on environmental resources, use recycled/natural materials or are an environmentally friendly product/service.”
In total, five prizes will be awarded. The winner of the Overall Grand Prize will receive a $20,000 grant, Duet® Steam or Cabrio® washer and steam dryer pair, a Whirlpool® dishwasher and a $3,000 stipend for a new home office.
And all of the prizewinners will attend a two-day business boot camp led by Whirlpool experts covering areas such as product development, business strategy, innovation and technology, legal, accounting and marketing.
Entries must be postmarked by July 31, 2008. Contest details and application form are available at the web site.
Last year, the Grand Prize Winner invented a very simple thing — baby bottle nipples that fit over juice and water bottles.
What’s your idea?

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