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Sen. Hatch’s version of immigration reform smells like a rotten egg

LatinaLista — News that Senators Menendez and Hatch have introduced their own versions of how to address immigration reform is less than a hopeful sign that any kind of consensus will be reached and something constructive will be accomplished when Congress returns after the November elections. Sen. Menendez’s proposal includes elements that immigration advocates have

Hispanic business owners blame immigration law for exodus of customers

By REBECCA MCCLAY Cronkite News Service PHOENIX – At Mr. Lucky Barber Shop in this west Phoenix plaza, owner Ruben Vizzerra bides the time by mending his button-down shirt as he watches television. His 35-year-old business was already suffering from a stagnant economy in April, when Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB 1070, Arizona’s controversial immigration

A new low in politics: Exploiting Whitman’s former housekeeper to win votes

LatinaLista — The press releases circulating today in advance of the press conference held by the former housekeeper of California’s Republican candidate Meg Whitman and her new lawyer, Gloria Allred, promised to reveal shocking information. Given the fact that the press release stressed that the former housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, was a “Latina” in the

New revelations of ICE’s abuse of authority surface in case of deported student

LatinaLista — Last week’s failure of the Senate Democrats to get the DREAM Act attached as an amendment to the Defense Reauthorization bill was a bitter blow to every student eligible under the DREAM Act to get on with their lives, but it was far more devastating to those students who exposed their legal status