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New site creates a bilingual approach to healthy eating

LatinaLista — Ever since First Lady Michelle Obama launcher her “Let’s Move” campaign to battle childhood obesity, schools, restaurants and stores have been getting on board.
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In fact, school cafeteria menus look a little different to children this school year than last year. With selections that include tofu, soy and salads, there’s no doubt children are eating up lessons on nutrition.
But what about when they get home?
In Latino households where money and time are at a premium, children more than likely are finding themselves eating the kinds of food that go against all the nutrition lessons they’re learning in school.
In many cases, parents just don’t have the energy or know where to look for nutritious recipes and cooking techniques that show how to cook healthy. That’s why Maggie LaBarbera created the free bilingual site Nourish Interactive.
“I come from a Hispanic family and I wanted to make sure all Hispanics have access to these free nutrition games and tools. It is important for them to have resources in the language that is easiest for them to understand,” said LaBarbera.
From cooking tips, healthy recipes, meal planners and tools such as online nutrition dictionary and instructions on how to read food labels, the site has it covered – and that’s not even the children’s section.
Children going to the site will find a variety of interactive activities and video games teaching or reinforcing what they are learning about nutrition. There is even a cool “Build-a-Meal” activity where children plan out their meals and a site character speaks to the student pointing out how much food the child needs for their age and what are healthy choices.
The USDA has listed as one of the best websites for fighting childhood obesity and the American Library Association awarded it with their “Best Kids’ Website” Seal.

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