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Video: Docu-Series examines Latino identity among Afro-Latinos

Video: Docu-Series examines Latino identity among Afro-Latinos

LatinaLista — The struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. history are well-documented. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about blacks in Latin America. In many cases, blacks south of the U.S. border have been rendered socially invisible and are still the focus of racist jokes in their respective countries. Because of this pervasive treatment and


Viernes Video: Dominican and Jewish teens work together recreating little-known chapter of Holocaust history

LatinaLista — The Holocaust was a horrific chapter in global history but it wasn’t a time without its heroes or heroic moments. Most of those moments have remained hidden from history but every once in a while, those stories reach a broader audience. Such is the case of one of the strangest chapters of the


Video: Latino-themed superhero comic series, Aztec of the City, rises to new heights in latest volume

LatinaLista — What happens when two Mexican-American primos in San Jose, California become Latino superheroes? They are the stars of their own comic book series! Aztec of the City follows the brave exploits of the two cousins as they defend and protect their city from evil forces in the year 2019. A bi-national effort, the


Study: New Generation Latinos continue to be high users of technology

Insight TR3S It’s no secret that young Latinos are big fans of technology. For a group that’s always on the go, cost-conscious, and highly social with friends and family near and far, they are very proficient at making the most of whatever technology is available to them. In 2012, Tr3s partnered with Motivo Insights and


Intrn’l Video: New short looks at Juárez cartel violence through the lens of Mexican photojournalists

LatinaLista — Sandwiched in between Afghanistan and Pakistan on the annual Committee to Protect Journalists 2013 Impunity Index is Mexico. The United States southern neighbor ranks 7 among countries deemed dangerous to be a journalist. Targets of cartel violence, Mexican newspapers have adopted a self-censoring style of journalism to protect their employees. Concern for Mexican