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Viernes Video: Latino director points a lens at cultural taboos — in Asian community

Viernes Video: Latino director points a lens at cultural taboos — in Asian community

LatinaLista — No matter the ethnicity, there exists in most cultures expectations from the elder generation of their youth. Among immigrant families in the United States, these expectations can give rise to rebellious behavior. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of teens defying cultural expectations to blaze their own paths but what happens when it’s


Video: Ozomatli reaches out to fans through video series explaining inspiration behind new album

LatinaLista — Raul, Asdru, Wil Dog, Uli, Jiro, Justin aren’t just friends and musicians, they’re activists, supporters of human rights and are the heart and soul of the popular group Ozomatli. Founded in 1995, Ozomatli was formed when the six friends were trying to form a workers union in Los Angeles. Though they didn’t achieve


Video: Time-lapse filmmaker unlocks key to a beauty that inspires gratitude

LatinaLista — Louie Schwartzberg is a cinematographer, photographer, filmmaker and — grateful. His work of the past 30 years of shooting time-lapse photography has opened a door into Nature that before Schwartzberg, and his peers, no one had the key to unlock. Now, everyone has the privilege of seeing beauty that has always existed but


U.S. decline in press freedom rankings called “one of the significant declines of the year”

LatinaLista — Every year, the organization Reporters Without Borders releases their world press freedom rankings. In conflict-torn countries like Syria, Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, Yemen, etc, the clampdown on journalists’ reporting is not surprising. Since news is knowledge and the control of that news can be a powerful tool as a vehicle for propaganda, intimidation or


Video: Actor Esai Morales takes Hollywood and Latinos to task

LatinaLista — It’s easy to blame Hollywood for the lack of Latino representation in film and television. And while “Hollywood” does bear the blame for not showcasing Latino talent that is more in line with the rising demographic, so too must Latinos be accountable, according to popular La Bamba actor Esai Morales. In the featured