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Video: Latina artist activist gives ‘wing’ to her pursuit of social justice

LatinaLista — Art and activism have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. Since art is perhaps the boldest form of expression and activism is considered the most radical form of raising awareness of (usually) injustices, the two perfectly compliment one another in any campaign.

When the two elements are found combined in one person, it makes for a special and formidable individual. Such is the case with activist artist Favianna Rodriguez.

Co-founder of and Culture Strike, two groups active in raising awareness of anti-immigrant speech and punitive legislation targeting undocumented immigrants, Rodriguez — who likes to describe herself as “an artist, agitator, and techie working for social change,” has quickly made a name for herself in the Latino activist community with her distinct and prolific artistic talent illustrating a range of issues from women’s reproductive rights to LGBT rights to racial justice.

Her latest undertaking on behalf of the human rights of migrants is a campaign using the monarch butterfly to symbolize the beauty of migration. Sporting life-size wings, Rodriguez takes her campaign from the streets to Capitol Hill advocating for change in how the nation treats undocumented migrants.

The featured video, which is the first part of a three-part series by Voice of Art, introduces viewers to Rodriguez, her talent and her commitment to positive change.

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