Bilingual tax website provides answers to filing online tax returns


LatinaLista — Do you know what EITC means?

If you guessed Earned Income Tax Credit, you don’t need to read anymore! BUT if you’re like the 20% of people the IRS estimates don’t know they’re entitled to take the EITC when they get their taxes done, then a new website may help out.
The Wal-Mart Foundation has given a $3.6 million grant to fund a nationwide campaign educating people about the EITC and even providing free tax preparation services for those who qualify.
My Free Taxes is a bilingual site that walks people through the steps of filing an online tax return and links to a site that explains all about the EITC.
With the April 15 tax deadline looming ahead, it’s never too early to file those tax returns.
After all, we all could use a little extra cash these days!