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Michelle Bachmann practices own brand of religion when it comes to undocumented immigrants

LatinaLista — For Michelle Bachmann, Halloween holds special significance — it was the day she discovered Christ as her Savior.

Michelle Bachmann

She told the story of accepting Jesus Christ as her savior – a conversation that happened almost 40 years ago when as a teenager she went to church one evening expecting to attend a Halloween party but ended up praying on the altar alone with three other friends.

Bachmann shared that intimate detail of her life, as she does with most things these days, on the campaign trail. It was Saturday, Oct. 29 in Fairfield, Iowa when she decided to share just how strong she is in her faith.

“When we reject him, individuals and nations lives with the consequences of rejecting him,” she said.

If Bachmann believes that accepting Jesus means more than just accepting Jesus the person, but accepting the way He treated people, it was kind of an odd thing to say considering what more candidate Bachmann said while on the campaign trail that day.

At a campaign stop in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Bachmann got into an exchange with a Latino college student who asked her what she was going to do to the children of undocumented immigrants.

Bachmann responded that she is “not doing anything to them,” and described why she is against the federal government rewarding citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.

“Their parents are the ones who brought them here,” Bachmann said.

“They did not have the legal right to come to the United States,” Bachmann added, of the parents. “We do not owe people who broke our laws to come into the country. We don’t owe them anything.”

Hmmm, somehow I don’t think that’s something Jesus would do.

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