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Guest Voz: Pressure to pass immigration reform is “stronger than ever”

Guest Voz: Pressure to pass immigration reform is “stronger than ever”

By Rep. Luis Gutiérrez LatinaLista We have all heard that later today, an immigration bill will be introduced in the House of Representatives in order to keep the issue moving forward. I plan to sign-on to that bill that, as I understand it, will combine elements of the Senate’s bipartisan compromise bill with a bipartisan


Even a deeply flawed immigration bill gives hope where none exists now

LatinaLista — Tomorrow, the House of  Representatives is supposed to finally tackle the issue of immigration reform, a sharp thorn in the sides of many in the GOP. While the Tea Party-backed legislators are smug in their confidence that the debate will die on the House floor, there are some in the party who have


New poll underscores how immigration reform is less a political issue for Latinos and more a humanitarian need

LatinaLista — During the start of today’s senate debate on immigration reform, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas took the podium and candidly declared his prediction for the passage of the bill: It would pass the Senate but ‘crash’ in the House. He then went on to lament the fact that none of the five

Guest Voz: Key GOP Congressman’s Immigration Idea Would Create Permanent Underclass Of Workers

By Igor Volsky ThinkProgress.org Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-ID), a key player in the ongoing House negotiations to advance comprehensive immigration reform, has come out against providing a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, echoing a growing consensus among conservative members. The position is in stark contrast to the framework put forward


Another profile of Latino voters breaks down political races showing change is slowly happening

LatinaLista — Yesterday, it was the Almanac of Latino Politics and today it’s the NALEO Educational Fund’s Briefing on the 2012 Latino Vote. Presented last week during the Democratic National Convention, the Briefing features Latino congressional candidates from around the country who, if they win, could begin changing the make-up of Congress more than what