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Undocumented Immigrants are Showing a Strength of Character that Congress Lacks

LatinaLista — Today, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Eddie Sotelo, better known to his legions of Spanish-speaking fans as Piolin, delivered one million letters to the steps of Congress today from immigrants and citizens across the country who don’t want the Senate to postpone the debate on immigration reform any longer.
Boxes containing one million letters in support of immigration reform.
Throughout this debate on immigration reform, congresservants have been chided for their lack of will to get things done.
Well, where Congress lacks the will, the Latino community is making up for it tenfold.

In addition to Piolin’s caravan, there is a train speeding towards DC carrying people with their family stories of coming to America as immigrants and realizing their dreams.
There are several carloads of young people who are heading to our nation’s capitol throughout the summer to show Congress they have every intention of qualifying for higher points in any immigration classification system because of higher skills, if only Congress passes the Dream Act to let them realize their dreams of attending college and working after they graduate.
AND to doubly ensure that the Senate won’t give up on the debate, God’s help will be enlisted during tomorrow’s National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast.

If nothing else, the critics of the immigration reform bill need to recognize the courage of these groups for pushing Congress to act, since no outcome is guaranteed to be completely in favor of the undocumented immigrants.
Yet, there are signs everywhere that the everyday undocumented immigrant has the will to obey the law.
More and more are on waiting lists to learn English, and more are applying for citizenship instead of waiting for mañana.
The undocumented immigrant has always been known for his/her exemplary work ethic, and now they can be known for exercising their will to do what is asked of them — even if Congress won’t.

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