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One immigration activist creates an “ICIE” challenge for ICE

LatinaLista — Dallas-based immigration activist, Ralph Isenberg, is a fierce advocate for undocumented immigrants. Though he’s not a lawyer, he’s schooled himself enough in immigration law to take on ICE and challenge deportations in immigration court. When he’s not busy with the legal proceedings, he lends a sympathetic shoulder for the undocumented student, middle-aged mother or whole families that frequently come by his office seeking his help.

Dallas immigration advocate Ralph Isenberg

It was because of his own immigration problems with his Chinese-born wife that spurred Isenberg to be an advocate for immigrants who don’t know their rights or understand the U.S. judicial system. Along the way while helping those immigrants who sought him out, he heard of enough abuses and irregularities committed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers against immigrants in custody or detained that he felt compelled to do something.

Because he is a businessman, Isenberg has the resources to be a major pain in the butt. He’s filed two class action lawsuits against the Dallas ICE office and has made no secret of his desire to shut down the Dallas branch of ICE. In his opinion, the Dallas ICE office is a “rogue” operation.

But he’s not stopping with just lawsuits.

At a press conference today, held in the lobby of his business building south of downtown Dallas, Isenberg announced the creation of the Isenberg Center for Immigration Equality, or ICIE.

Currently, ICIE is still in the planning stages but Isenberg sees the site as a resource for undocumented immigrants in the ongoing struggle to have their rights recognized and respected.

“ICIE is going to give ICE a lot of trouble here on out,” Isenberg declared.

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    February 21, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. My wife and i have been apart fo over 2 years now. We have done everything that our goverment has asked and in turn they have done nothing but screwed us. Please contact me. Thank you.

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