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GiveForward Campaign: 7-month old Venezuelan baby in need of a heart transplant

LatinaLista — GiveForward Campaign: Carlos Henrique Arjona’s Heart Transplant Fund

Carlos Henrique (Kike) Arjona is a 7-month old baby that was born in Venezuela with restrictivecardiomyopathy which is rare condition where his heart is slightly enlarged.

Because of it, it cannot relax normally during the time between heartbeats when the blood returns from the body. Thus, blood flow is reduced, and blood volume that would normally enter the heart is backed up in the circulatory system. In summary, his heart is working too hard.

They found out about his condition soon after he was born and doctors have been treating it ever since. However, it keeps getting worse as time passes.

Recently, he was hospitalized because he wasn’t breathing properly and they found out that his heart condition was affecting his lungs. After a couple of studies, the doctors told his parents that treatments wouldn’t work and that the he needs a heart transplant as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to do the procedure in Venezuela for different reasons. Therefore, his parents have been contacting a couple of specialized clinics in USA, Brazil, and Colombia as per the doctors’ recommendation.

Right now, they are waiting to hear back from them in order to be able to decide where the procedure will take place.

However, they’ve already been told that the approximate cost for the procedure would be around $300,000. As you can imagine, they need help in order to raise that amount of money and be able to afford Kike’s heart transplant.

The goal of the campaign is $200,000.

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