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Your Dreams Matter: Three Steps To The Ultimate Use of The Law of Attraction

By Susan Orosco
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Everybody is entitled to realize their dreams. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the Law of Attraction is the easy way to accomplish your goals, because it is not. To succeed takes work, education and discipline. However, it is important to understand; if you don’t believe in yourself, you will block yourself.

To believe in yourself is to desire your ultimate potential. It is a journey to discover your true self, and it is a necessary journey. It starts with learning the difference between the two voices in your head. One is your limited ego and the other is the voice that seeks your highest good.

When you are able to calm the activity of the ego-mind your best self will emerge and become more dominate. You will know this voice because it centers you, calms you and fills you with gratitude.

You must seek a relationship with this part of you and cultivate it. It will bring you closer to your highest potential.

Below I have three steps that can help you achieve the highly functioning creative mind needed to produce your dreams.

Step #1 – Know who you are.

You are not your thoughts, your body, your finances or anything that is form. You are far greater from anything that can be found in this world. It is important that you know and believe that you are a spirit first, a creature of form second. It is important to separate yourself from your ego-mind (your mind of form).

When you do this what will be left is your mind of spirit; which is very powerful. How do you do this? Through separation, let me illustrate:

Sit still, and listen to the chaos in your mind. Pay close attention to the thoughts that bounce, repeat and get negative; these are the contents of your ego-mind.

Listen, to that constant chatter your ego-mind generates and ponder this question; if your mind is chattering, then who is listening? Are there two of you inside your head? The thinker and the listener? Which one is the real you?

You are the listener/observer. The babbler is the ego-mind.

Now listen to what the ego mind is saying. Is it contradicting your affirmations? Now feel what you are saying about your desires. Do you really think your dream can happen to you? Do you feel you deserve it? Do your feelings rise and protest at the thought of being favored by the universe? When your desires and your feelings are opposing each other; stress and unfavorable results will manifest.

Now listen to your beliefs. You can do this by listening to the first thought that comes into your mind on the subject. Say for example money. Do you feel money is evil? Or that it can betray you? Or that you just don’t have enough?

Now who do you think you are? Are you not good enough? Are you dangerously standing tall on a foundation of lies or fears? Do you distrust yourself? Or are you the child of the Most High? It matters who you think you are. Make sure your self-description does not contradict your affirmation. They must be in alignment.

Start by affirming who you think you are. Decide; from this day forward you are the child of the Most High. Your purpose for being here is to help others achieve their fullest potential. The Heavens takes notice of those who are here to help with this understanding.

When you help others achieve this level of power you also will elevate. How do you do this? It is very simple; love them.

The more you recognize and separate yourself from the ego the more you begin to recognize who you really are. You will experience a solid, centered, and powerful self when you are able to make this separation. When you experience and identify with this version of you; money and other dreams will find their way to you. They will be attracted to you. This state-of-mind is capable of working properly with the Law of Attraction.

Step #2 – Understand that change cannot come into your life by what you know but only by what you feel. Feel grateful.

If you are affirming for more money, possessions, love, health or anything thing else you ‘feel’ you lack; remember, it is what you feel that will materialize. It is your feelings about what you deserve, and feelings about your self-worth that will weigh heavy in your affirmations. If you feel a lack, then it is the lack that will be amplified.

Do not concentrate on what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have. Gratitude is the key. So it is important to change how you feel about yourself before you engage the power of the Law of Attraction.

The best way to change how you feel about yourself and your present situation is to love it, accept it and be marveled by it. When you live in the energy of gratitude; more to be grateful for will come. And the things that will come will be beyond your imagination.

Now, let’s begin the change. Start with a program. It can be a prayer, affirmation and/or meditation discipline that you will do everyday; at the very least once a day. Let me illustrate with step #3

Step #3 – Negative emotions must be in motion.

Understand love and joy, are not emotions. They are the fabric you are cut from. So you need not worry about them. Negative emotions, however, will contradict your use of the Law of Attraction (and actually your entire creative process) to the point of despair if you let them.

Emotions are powerful and can cause your affirmations to backfire. But how do you release negative emotion? You lean into them.

Confront your strongest feelings; such as your hate, your anger, your sadness, loss, and fear. Have it out with them once and for all. Square off with the first one that presents itself to you. That is the one that is ready to go. Emotions need to be in motion. None of them like to be trapped. Let them be free. It is a clearing.

Your mind, when not cluttered with negative emotion, is able to think with great clarity. When you are free of them, you will gain alignment with your highest potential.

It is important to understand the following: the strong emotions you fear, or may find uncomfortable to sit with, are nothing else but a previous judgment concerning someone or something that you made somewhere along the line. You have given power to the judgment. With the use of your power; the judgment created a powerful emotion. Both are attached to you. So as you can see; both are your creations.

You don’t have to totally understand this dynamic, simply understand and agree to let them go. They are nothing else but trapped energy that needs and wants to go. They will work with you to be cleared from your psyche.

While you are feeling them, and they are at their strongest, remember not to get hi-jacked by them. Don’t buy into the drama. Simply say, “thank you, you can leave now “and breathe them out. You will feel their intensity lessen as they leave.

But if you are angry, fearful or distrustful therefore utilizing them, they will not leave. Put yourself in the space of Love. They will trust and respond to the release.

Now you are free to effectively use the Law of Attraction. Prepare yourself to receive.

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