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Editorial: Once again: I-L-L-E-G-A-L!

By Juan Miret
Hispano de Tulsa

Eleven. Yes, since 2007 I have written 11 editorials on this subject. However, there is always a single-neuron being that loses his bearings and is intent on labeling undocumented immigrants as “illegals.”

Forget for a moment that the National Association of Hispanic Journalists has been calling for ending the use of the miserable term since 2006. And never mind that the prestigious New York Times, based on the suggestion of its own former executive editor, Bill Keller, is evaluating banishing the term. And we can pretend that there is no moral principle, and thus there are illegal human beings.

This time I will aim my artillery at something so simple that it can be understood even by the sad single-neuron clowns who use the term illegal.

To replace “undocumented immigrant” with “illegal” is a grammatical aberration. Only a sordid person changes an adjective and converts it – out of hate – into a noun.

To press that fiery brand of illegal into the skin of undocumented immigrants destroys civilized debate because it has a dehumanizing effect. After that there is nothing more to say. Maybe a couple of slaps, but nothing more.

The stigma of illegal has very negative connotations because it is linked to serious crime. It is loaded with prejudice. When one says illegal…

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